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CHS Pics | Last meals at the First Hill McDonald’s

IMG_8968CHS stopped by Tuesday morning for the final breakfast — ever? — at the First Hill McDonald’s. Of course, in 2017, McDonald’s will serve you “All Day Breakfast,” just part of the many strategies and optimizations the global burger chain has made to stay a part of 21st century dining habits and continue its run of “Billions and Billions Served.”

CHS reported in February on the coming demolition for the proletariat dining room and the corner of Madison and Minor’s future as host to a 700-Big Mac-tall apartment tower. You can attend a public pre-construction meeting on the project Thursday.

We never did hear back from franchise owner David Santillanes about the closure.

Santillanes owns McDonald’s restaurants around the region including the Madison and the downtown 3rd and Pine location. In 2015, Santillanes, who also operates franchise locations on the Eastside, talked about “an increase in overtime costs” and higher prices at his restaurants because of Seattle labor laws. CHS has fielded multiple McD-focused rumors over the years including Pike/Pine and Broadway variants.

Developed by Holland Partners Group and designed by Ankrom Moisan on land owned by a longtime family partnership, the 17-story mixed-use building coming to First Hill will neighbor another Holland project across the street in Coppins Well with a Top Pot and Potbelly sandwich shop. The new tower also eventually be home to 5,200 square feet of commercial space — plenty of room for a new McDonald’s.


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5 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Last meals at the First Hill McDonald’s

  1. Regardless of any personal thoughts on McDonalds, the people who work at this one are nice and I have seen them treat everyone with thoughtfulness, from the homeless to tired hospital workers. The people will be missed.

    • agreed. The employees are always friendly and polite- not an easy thing to pull off when the customers are so diverse! Kudos to all that work at this location…

  2. I thought that store closed a long time ago. There has been construction equipment next to the building for months. Not exactly inviting a stop in from a passerby. Farewell for real this time.

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