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Downtown Dog Lounge leaving Capitol Hill

Just as the plans for Capitol Hill’s first cat cafe are finally taking shape, one of its longest running canine-focused businesses is getting ready to move out.

The Downtown Dog Lounge has been getting its furry clients ready for the big change on E Denny Way for a while now but officially announced its planned departure this week after 10 years on Capitol Hill:

We have some pretty amazing memories from our 10 years at this location. Now consolidating to South Lake Union Which is less than 1.1 miles away, and still searching for an additional location it. We thank all our Capitol Hill clients and the locals for your loyalty.

The lounge, offering doggie daycare and grooming services, came to Capitol Hill in 2007. Founder Elise Vincentini also operated DDLs in South Lake Union and on Elliott Ave. We highly recommend their webcams.

A check of property records for the large, single-story 1924-built auto row building the dog lounge has called home on Capitol Hill doesn’t show any significant changes in ownership and there is no indication at this point of any planned development. The building is also home to In The Bowl, the Holy Smoke head shop, and an outlet of the Beyond Vape chain. The long-shuttered Apocalypse Tattoo and Bus Stop bar give the building a sense of impending, terrible, inevitable change but we’ve been fielding questions about its future for years and the longtime landowners remain in place.

The dog-focused business has been busy making the change for owners and furry loved ones easier with plans for shuttle routes and dog parties to help break the ice for moving to a new lounge. Capitol Hill canines will now be served at the South Lake Union location. Hopefully those techie dogs are fun to play with.

We’ve reached out to learn more about the decision to leave Capitol Hill. In the meantime, employees confirm the planned closure.

UPDATE 9:40 PM: Vincentini says the move won’t be completed for two to three months and DDL might find a new place on the Hill. “We are still scouting out a smaller Cap Hill location to serve as a more boutique style daycare with grooming and potentially pet sitting, dog walks and more in home care,” she writes.

Vincentini says crime and landlord issues at the current location have been a problem. “It’s been a wonderful 10 years, but with growing crime and no help from our landlord, we just don’t feel like it’s the right fit. We want to offer PEACE of MIND and the feeling of safety,” Vincentini said in her email to CHS.

The South Lake Union location, on the other hand, is state of the art:

Our new SLU location has state of the art Luxury Suites w 24 hr live webcams, Mozart playing in the background w elevated bedding, Peanut butter kongs at bed time and walks included. We have an incredible HVAC system to keep our air clean and healthy. We even have a private room with a separate air exchange if someone should become ill.

There is even room for a service for puppies. “We just introduced our PUPPY NURSERY for pups under 20 weeks old that need special attention, socializing and practice at being a puppy…crating, walk on lead, etc.” No, we haven’t gone looking for that webcam… yet.


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11 thoughts on “Downtown Dog Lounge leaving Capitol Hill

  1. We have 2 semi difficult pups that have gone to DDL when we are traveling. From the very beginning the folks there have been so kind and caring to our little ones. We’ll be following them to SLU, and I imagine most of their other clients will too.

    • That building is actually beautiful. Unfortunately the owner is incompetent and has let it decay with boarded up storefronts and graffiti and absolutely no maintenance.

    • Agree it needs to go. But if it’s demolished and redeveloped, the traffic around there (already very congested) is going to be a nightmare during construction.

  2. So basically a concrete floor with 20 dogs wandering around at $40+ per dog per day. Is it a franchise – seems a good ROI !

    • They clean it constantly during the day and are engaged the whole time. A half hour dog walk by a hired walker is like $20-$30, vs the 8 hours of surveyed socialization & exercise you get at DDL. It’s a crazy good deal if you have an active/social dog! I’m bummed they’re leaving the neighborhood, but I’m sure they’ve been struggling with the property owner for a long time.

  3. I’m so bummed by this. It’s super convenient to swing by and get my dogs nails clipped. The drive thru garage and friendly staff made it a breeze.

    Are there any other places on the hill that have grooming services with weekend walk in service?

    • You can give Rex a shot. I wouldn’t use them for grooming, but for nail clips and the like they’re great and fast.