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Olive Tree’s new Capitol Hill branch now open on 15th Ave E

The flavors of the Mediterranean — by way of Kent — are now resident on 15th Ave E. Olive Tree opened this week in the space of a short-lived Latin American restaurant and a long-lived Bagel Deli.

CHS talked earlier this year with  Zana Abdulaziz who opened the first Olive Tree in Kent with his brother-in-law Ranj Rebwar in 2009. Abdulaziz told CHS the business partners chose 15th Ave E because it is a community-based neighborhood in the midst of the busy Capitol Hill restaurant scene. “We have an amazing product,” Abdulaziz told CHS last month. “We have an amazing vision of what we’re trying to do. If Olive Tree is to take off, Capitol Hill is the place to make it happen.”

Olive Tree’s cuisine pulls from Greek, Kurdish, Lebanese and overall Mediterranean flavors. It also features cocktails but with a twist. Everything is wine-based.

Olive Tree takes over in the space left empty by the departure of Sur 16, an ambitious project that struggled through two years of business after big outlays and long delays transforming the old Bagel Deli into their vision of Latin American-flavored cuisine. In the Sur 16 footprint, Olive Tree has an open kitchen concept and with options for quick-serve or sit-down lunch and full-service dinner.

It will also be part of a small wave of Mediterranean-flavored new projects on the street. Aviv Hummus Bar, featuring the smooth chickpea dish topped with various herbs, spices, tahini, and more along with felafel, is planned to open in May a few blocks away at 105 15th Ave E.

Olive Tree is located at 340 15th Ave E. Hours are 11 AM to 9 PM on Sundays through Tuesdays, 11 AM to 10 PM the rest of the week. You can check out the menu and learn more at


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