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Police chase down Grand Am after reported Central District drive-by

Two people were taken into custody after a swift and heavy response from Seattle Police to a reported drive-by shooting Monday morning near 25th and Jackson.

Police were called to the area just after 11 AM to a report that two people had been shot at by a passing vehicle near 25th and Jackson. With no reported injuries at the scene, police began searching for the gold Pontiac Grand Am reported to have been involved in the shooting.

The car was spotted by police headed north on Rainier and was chased to MLK before the Grand Am was eventually ditched near 31st and Bayview and at least three occupants fled on foot.

According to police radio dispatches, officers were able to quickly surround the area and begin searching backyards on the block where the car was ditched. Around 11:20 AM, an officer reported he had one person held at gunpoint. Officers soon reported two people were taken into custody. A K9 unit and the Sheriff’s Guardian One helicopter were also searching the area for a possible third person who may have been in the vehicle but that female suspect was not found. Police said two people were detained after the incident.

The incident comes amid increased concerns from community members and businesses about Central District gunfire incidents.

UPDATE: SPD has posted a brief on the incident:

Officers chased down two suspects Monday following a drive-by shooting in the Central District. Around 11:15 AM, police received reports that someone in a gold Pontiac had fired at two men walking on the street near 25th Avenue and Jackson Street. Officers spotted the suspects’ vehicle and followed it to 23rd Avenue and South College Street, where two suspects ditched their car and took off on foot. Police caught up to the men and took them into custody. No one was injured in the incident. Officers attempted to contact the victims following the incident, but they declined to provide statements to police. The SPD Gang Unit is investigating and asks that anyone with information call (206) 684-4585.


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10 thoughts on “Police chase down Grand Am after reported Central District drive-by

  1. “hey we gotta shoot some people”
    “yeah ok…which car should we use?”
    “I’m thinking something really loud, gaudy and easily recognizable”
    “say no more.

  2. Thanks SPD. Appreciate your work to track these people down. Completely fed up with violent crime in the neighborhood. Solve disputes without violence!

  3. Having just moved to the Judkins Park area this really concerns me. It seems to be happening more and more lately and it’s scary. May just not walk out at night until this hopefully changes when all the new construction on Jackson comes in.

  4. Tisk, tisk. the police are oppressing those drive by shooters again. According to Sawant if they only had a place to live they would not be engaging in criminality. Oh wait, they very likely do have home addresses. But seriously, good work SPD and its only a very small group of people causing this gun violence. They can be arrested and taken off the street to everyone’s benefit.

  5. Thank you SPD! Thank you patrol officers. Thank you Sargents. Thank you Lieutenants. Thank you Captain McDonagh.