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Portland’s Little Big Burger coming to Pike/Pine

If 2016 was the year of the Capitol Hill pizza boom, 2017 might be the year hamburgers broke. Portland export Little Big Burger is expanding to Seattle with a wave of 10 locations — including one being planned for 12th and Pike:

Like their Portland predecessors, Seattle’s Little Big Burgers will be all about truffle fries, tall but slender burgers made with a quarter pound of Cascade Natural beef, cans of beer—and let’s not forget the root beer floats made with Tillamook ice cream.

The chain expects to be open here on the Hill and at a new Green Lake location by spring. Judging by permits for the project on the ground floor of the Beryl Apartments project on the northeast corner of the intersection — there aren’t any yet — that will be a bit of a rush.

12th and Pike the way nature and developers intended it (Image: Anrkrom Moisan Architects)

12th and Pike the way nature and developers intended it (Image: Anrkrom Moisan Architects)

The Capitol Hill LBB will neighbor the new Bishops Barbershop on the 12th Ave facing side of the building. The Rudy’s-esque chain with beer on offer before your cut is also a PDX export with designs on Pacific Northwest dominion. Sizzle Pie kicked off this whole Portland Pike/Pine invasion last spring when it opened a pie shop and the Dark Bar on E Union.

Little Big Burger will join a few-block-radius burgeoning with burgers. Japanese-styled Katsu Burger brought its over-the-top creations to 12th Ave to end 2016 replacing a craft cocktail-focused, smoked-meat restaurant to give you a sense of recent directions in the neighborhood. They join existing players Sam’s Tavern, Li’l Woody’s, 8oz Burger, and Freddy Jr’s as dedicated patty purveyors within walking distance of the Pike/Pine core.

Also not entirely new but extended by the announcement is the continuing wave of smaller chain activity in the neighborhood. Even the hyped arrival of Paseo on Capitol Hill came with “an excellent opportunity for select investors to get involved moving forward.”

Meanwhile, in a sign that these truly are the end times, this joke from 2007 has pretty much come true.

Yes, LBB is owned by the people who own Hooters (Image:

Yes, LBB is owned by the people who own Hooters (Image:

Little Big Burger Capitol Hill will open at 1200 E Pike this spring. You can learn more at


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6 thoughts on “Portland’s Little Big Burger coming to Pike/Pine

    • at lbb a cheeseburger is $4.75 (quarter pound burger nonetheless) and truffle fries are $2.75.

      while certainly not dick’s burger/fries prices they are hardly “another high priced burger joint.” but nice way to spout off about something you’ve clearly done no research on.

  1. we should totally have a street that dedicated to nothing but portland business! sizzle pie, stumptown, thro in a lovecraft..

    then we could enjoy everything & still pay rent

  2. Do we need another Burger joint? Especially owned by folks from outside of Seattle and own Hooters? Come on now. Well if folks don’t want it, then they won’t eat there. I certainly won’t.

  3. Portland Please Infiltrate Seattle & Make It Cool
    I could have all the epicness ov home with water down the street!!! I want the cute boys, the epic food & awesome style that is PORTLAND \m/

    *guess I miss home, but having a lot ov fun taking all this citys cash home every month, ahahahahahaahahahahaaha