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Seattle Fire responds to reported double overdose inside Pike/Pine bar

Seattle Fire medic units rushed to treat two people who overdosed late Saturday night inside a Pike/Pine bar.

While many of Capitol Hill’s OD emergencies happen in stairwells and parking garages, the emergency response Saturday just before midnight came in the middle of the Purr Lounge on 11th Ave where one person was reported down inside the bar unconscious and unresponsive.

According to East Precinct radio reports, police arrived as the 911 dispatcher tried to help with people administering CPR to the victim. An arriving officer reported a second victim was also in the bar. A large Seattle Fire response followed.

Medics were with the victims and working to stabilize them. Both were reported to have a pulse but we do not know more about their conditions at this time.

UPDATE 3/29/2017: While the initial emergency response was for reported heroin-related overdoses, a victim tells CHS he was intentionally targeted with a date rape drug:

Victim warns that weekend double overdose at Capitol Hill bar was caused by rape drug

Heroin-related overdoses continue to plague Capitol Hill and Seattle. In an effort to showcase the effectiveness of on emergency response that has helped save lives, SPD has taken to documenting incidents in which its officers — often arriving at a scene well before other emergency personnel — have used Naloxone to revive overdose victims. SPD began deploying the anti-overdose drug in March 2016. We don’t know yet whether Naloxone of anything like it was used Saturday night.

Officials meanwhile continue to gather data and are beginning community outreach processes to determine where in Seattle and King County to site a supervised consumption facility designed to give addicts a safer place to use and reduce the number of overdose-related deaths.

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14 thoughts on “Seattle Fire responds to reported double overdose inside Pike/Pine bar

  1. Not shocked! I stopped going to Purr after witnessing a drug deal in the bathroom and getting punched in the face for calling the dealer out their actions. The management did nothing when I reported it to them, and they talked me out of calling the police. My. If mistake…I should have called anyway.

    • Wow! 2 people OD and we are unsure if they are ok or not and then you make this about yourself?

      Lets hope the they are alive and well.

    • Sorry – I am more concerned about the person who was punched than the two who harmed themselves… That person wasn’t doing anything wrong at all and was attacked.

      As far as I can see, he or she is not making this about themselves – they are making it known that drug dealing is tolerated in that establishment – which is something that the community should know and are regretting not calling the police, which may have forestalled the subsequent OD – though I doubt prevented it. The users likely would have just done their deal and OD’d somewhere else.

    • I certainly hope they’re OK, but I have to agree: I’m much more concerned if non-drug buying customers don’t feel safe. The last thing any of us needs is to feel threatened or be assaulted because we’re not willing to accept open drug dealing in our neighborhood bars and clubs. If you don’t nip it in the bud (no pun intended), it only gets worse, and pretty soon you’ve got gunfights in crowded bars. Do we need that?

    • I would like to state for the record that Purr never has or will ever tolerate drug dealing of any kind in our establishment. My employees have always been instructed to escort people out that we see or know are dealing drugs. As an owner, I take this very seriously and if in the past I’ve had employees not comply with company policy, then you can be sure this will be readdressed immediately. Although we have no control over what people do privately, we are thankful that the two guys (who are a married couple) are recovering.

  2. We were there and it was scary. Both were taken out on stretcher boards and were unconscious. Major response from police, fire and EMS. Great job from Seattle first responders.

    • 100% agree. This sounds like a couple guys who badly overestimated a GHB dose.

      G overdoses are scary to watch, since they result in seizures and eventual unconsciousness, but as long as there isn’t any alcohol in the mix, the chance of fatality is extremely low.

  3. I’m so glad to hear that they are recovering. My husband and I were there as well – we were visiting from California, and it was indeed scary. I literally thought I was watching the one guy die. Although the consequences were a result of their own actions, we’ve all made mistakes and have regrets. Hopefully both of them have learned a lesson from this and hopefully many more who read this, were there, etc. also learned a lesson.

    I wish them both a full recovery and all the best going forward. So happy to read on here that it didn’t turn into a bigger tragedy as it has been on my mind since it occurred.

    • And pray tell, how do you test everyone walking in the door to see if they’ve consumed drugs before they get there? Enquiring minds want to know.

  4. Medics used narcan on both “victims” which got their pulse and respirations back. Narcan does not have an affect with date rape drugs. It was a heroin overdose!