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Still time to add to your thoughts on One Center City — including protected bike lanes on Pike/Pine

The One Center City initiative is designed to help guide the City of Seattle, King County, and Sound Transit to better align the streets and transit of Seattle’s core in a coordinated plan led by the Downtown Seattle Association for pedestrians, bikers, transit riders, and drivers. The big milestone for the effort is the fall of 2018 when Metro’s bus traffic will be pushed out the downtown transit tunnel as part of the Convention Center’s planned expansion and freeing of the route for full dedication to light rail use.

But there are lots of other opportunities for progress on the streets of downtown and their connective routes to neighboring areas — including Capitol Hill.

You have until the end of day Friday to weigh in on some of the early issues and opportunities already identified in the process at

You will learn a few things in the process — But you can also skip directly to the “comments” tab and add your thoughts.

Bike riders might be particularly interested in the concepts being floated for protected bike lanes on Pike and Pine:

  • Option B would add protected bike lanes on Pike, but delete the existing paint-only bike lanes from Pine. Downtown, people biking westbound would move to Pine Street, and eastbound people would have to switch from the left side of the street to the right
  • Option C would turn Pike and Pine into a couplet of one-way streets with continual one-way bike lanes the whole way

We left of Option A because that is the “Do Nothing” option and, as Seattle Bike Blog says, that’s not a good option “because the status quo is terrible.”

Meanwhile, the Urbanist has more ideas for improving the plan here.

You can add your thoughts at through March 3rd.

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