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Weigh in now on Madison Bus Rapid Transit — 23rd Ave RapidRide coming next

You will have another opportunity Wednesday night to kick the tires in person on the plan to create Bus Rapid Transit on Madison. In the meantime, King County and the City of Seattle have released a RapidRide expansion plan that includes the 2019 startup of Madison’s RapidRide G as part of a growing, cross-city network of optimized bus corridors including a plan for what we presume would be RapidRide M or N or O or P on 23rd Ave by 2024.

Madison Bus Rapid Transit Update

CHS wrote here about the latest designs and BRT optimizations.

Wednesday night’s open house is the second and final opportunity to talk with route planners about the changes planned for Madison between downtown and Madison Valley. You can also peel through the details and provide feedback throughout the process at

The 11-stop RapidRide G route is expected to begin serving riders in late 2019. $58 million of the projected $120 million budget is funded with the remaining $62 million “working through” the Federal Transportation Authority grant process, according to officials.

Seattle’s current set of three RapidRide routes serve 43,000 riders per weekday. There are three more routes outside the city but the seven new lines being planned are all in-city routes.Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.23.32 PM

“Several corridors have segments where the delivery approach will be subject to further analysis, including consideration of bus fleet, capital infrastructure, layover, and service integration,” the expansion plan reads. “RapidRide will connect major destinations and link diverse and growing neighborhoods with employment, shopping, and transit hubs. The network will serve areas of the city where large numbers of people work and live.”

While Madison’s G line will be the next RapidRide route to roll out, the furthest out in the planning process is hoped to eventually serve the overhauled 23rd Ave corridor. After a 21-month road diet, the first phase of 23rd Ave work was completed last month. By 2024, Metro and the city hope to utilize the infrastructure for the street’s own RapidRide route connecting Mount Baker to University District via the Central District.

You can learn more on’s Rapid Ride Expansion page.

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