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19 thoughts on “CHS Comics | To be crowtinued

  1. Is there any interest keeping this going for other people in the neighborhood? Seems like there are other writers, besides Justin, and much interest in the neighborhood to keep a blog going. What are the other writers and neighborhood’s thoughts about forming another blog?

    • I would love another blog. I’m not a writer but it seems like we could generate plenty of interest.

      Where were you thinking of hosting it?

    • Hi Matthew. I had recently started contributing to CHS when the hiatus was announced. It’d be impossible to fill Justin’s shoes, but I’d be down to chat with a group of folks to see if launching something new makes sense/is feasible. I wonder if other contributors to CHS (ones maybe with a longer tenure than I had with the blog) might be interested in contributing to a new site and/or if advertisers would be as supportive once it was up and running. Email me if you want to chat more about it —

  2. I checked CHS today, expecting no more posts….but am happy to see that the site is still alive! I wonder how many people are assuming that the site is dead for now, and not even checking it? Perhaps an email to all subscribers would be a good idea at this point?

  3. Can you put this announcement in the sidebar? We are happy to see new posts at the top, no matter how sporadic.

  4. Does this need to stay pinned to top of the blog? Can it be linked from sidebar or something? Because there are regularly new posts but this being pinned deters readership of those new posts. Even if it’s not the range and volume of new posts, they are new and appreciated so I want the to have visibility.

  5. Can you get rid of this pinned post please? For the past 2 months I thought CHS was still closed, yet low and behold there’s a bunch of new posts! What the hell.