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CHS History | Piecora’s land deal, Bauhaus block acquired, Bus Stop RIP

Bus Stop (Image: evil robot 6 via Flickr)

Bus Stop (Image: evil robot 6 via Flickr)

Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:



BMW unveils ReachNow car share on Capitol Hill — UPDATE

The Nevertold Casket Company back from the dead on lucky 13th Ave



Which (relatively) giant retailer is coming to E Pike this summer?

Spoiler Alert: Mystery of the Capitol Hill Mystery Coke Machine’s mysteries REVEALED

600+ new apartments around Capitol Hill this year, even more ready in 2016



E Madison property home to Piecora’s sold to developer in $10.29 million deal

Pike/Pine’s booming bar scene comes at a price for gay nightlife



Pike character building in middle of art supply corporate merger

Capitol Hill drink spot the Bus Stop to close at end of month

Capitol Hill gothic boutique says only a ‘miracle’ can save it — Plus, T-Mobile dials Broadway



Developer acquires Bauhaus building, plans half-block of Pike/Pine mixed-use

More of Capitol Hill’s auto row snapped up — $3.85M at Pine/Bellevue to restore, not demolish

New 520 biking and walking trail could connect to Capitol Hill



Lab5 Fitness opens on north Broadway, new restaurant soon to join it

With recent tough times taking their toll, Broadway Pita Pit folds

Spin Cycle says hello to Broadway with ‘Korean Thai Pho’ prank



Goodbye, Chez Gaudy

Seattle’s first technical book store coming soon to Capitol Hill

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