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Capitol Hill Community Post | Sharply Menswear Opens 1st Retail Location on Cap Hill

From Sharply

SHARPLY, a men’s lifestyle brand, will open their first full retail store on Capitol Hill on June 1st

Just after their successful pop-up in University Village, SHARPLY, a lifestyle brand of casual sportswear for men, is set to open its first full retail storefront on June 1st in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The store aims to be the destination for the regular guy to purchase essential clothing items that will make him look and feel great in what he is wearing. The store will be officially open to the public on June 1st with a store opening celebration on June 8th featuring an in-store raffle for merchandise. RSVP for the Grand Opening event at

The SHARPLY store will feature a collection of private label shirts, as well as, carefully selected, high- quality essentials necessary for every man’s wardrobe, including shorts, premium denim, and accessories like, sunglasses, luggage, bracelets, and watches. The retail store will feature an exclusive in-store gift with purchase, the SHARPLY Growler and one complimentary fill from a local brewery, for customers who spend over $250.

SHARPLY came to life after founders Joe Blattner and Molly Kuffner noticed the significant growth in the men’s apparel e-commerce space and discovered the need to simplify the shopping experience for well-dressed and busy men. The brand was originally only available online. However, seeing the success of the pop-up market across the country and learning about the strong desire for men to have an easy, low maintenance shopping experience, the next logical step was to open a SHARPLY retail location. Capitol Hill is known for being one of Seattle’s hip and fashion savvy neighborhoods, and was a perfect match for a made in the US men’s lifestyle brand.

“SHARPLY was created to give guys a simpler shopping experience. We don’t want to overwhelm them with things they don’t need,” said Blattner. “We’re looking to create an experience for men that’s easy and fun. The approach is straightforward – essentials available at a one-stop-shop. It’s for the guy who dresses smartly, and most importantly—SHARPLY!”

SHARPLY’s goal is to create a unique and fun experience for men not currently in the marketplace. As everyone’s life becomes busier and busier, many men don’t like or have time to shop and need a destination to find essential items.

“We offer only the essentials for men who are busy living their life. Our guy is probably not shopping in his spare time, but when he does come into our store, we want to provide great value product along with an experience for him that’s low maintenance and fun! Perhaps he needs a super comfortable, sharp looking t-shirt to replace the branded polo he wears to every weekend BBQ. We’ll probably offer him a cold one or a shot of whiskey from a local brewery or distillery”, said Kuffner.

The products offered at the store range from $38 -$595 and all items are offered with free shipping and free returns.

Location: 500 E. Pike St, Suite 100B, Seattle WA 98122 Store Hours: Monday through Saturday 10-7PM; Sundays 12-5

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13 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Community Post | Sharply Menswear Opens 1st Retail Location on Cap Hill

  1. Please, do not refer to it as “Cap Hill”. Capitol Hill, or “The Hill”, these are the local terms. The last thing we need are ad campaigns (successfully) rebranding the neighborhood. Blech.

    • The frequency with which people complain about other people calling it “CapHill” suggests that, CapHill *is*– whether you like it, approve of it, or not- a locals term. I’m sure you’re implying is that “real”, authenticated locals (meaning “long-time”, naturally) would never say “CapHill”. But they do, and they have, for the entire 21+ years I’ve lived here. [BTW, at 20 years, does one get an “Official Seattle Local®” merit badge?].

    • I have to disagree with Jim. I have lived in this neighborhood since 1977, and have never heard it referred to as “Cap Hill.”……except occasionally in print.

    • And what is online if it’s not “in print”?
      While we’re on the subject– Seattle has Capitol Hill, First Hill, Beacon Hill, Queen Anne(Hill), Crown Hill….but Capitol Hill is “The” Hill? OK, whatever. I’m sure 10 or 20 years from now people will still be complaining about others saying “CapHill”, and people will still be doing it anyway.

  2. After a long day of working at Amazon, I need a place to get my lifestyle wear so I can look good at the Rhino Room. Preferably a backwards hat and tight ironic tshirt. That’s how we hella roll on Cap Hill.

  3. True story;
    This brand was created as a side project for a well-off tech guy looking to create an American Apparel for the casual white male with a large income. No joke. They are not fashion designers, they do not make their own clothes, there is no cute or inspiring back story about the brand. No, no, they are not a good example of human struggle in modern day America. They only produce large quantities of plain white tees in foreign countries and sell them for a high price. They try to be hip and young and have selected the Hill to be the great area to put up a brick and mortar. But at the same time they are helping in gentrifying the city even further, and could care less about it. Because we don’t need diversity, we need more rich white males to buy white tees.