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After years of impending development doom, Redwood’s end accelerated

When you have been declared dead as many times as much-loved Capitol Hill dive bar the Redwood, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the final days include a plot twist. CHS reported to start the week on the Wednesday night design review for the project set to replace the bar and the Redwood’s plans for a November 18th goodbye blowout.

Even a funeral that has been planned for years can’t outmaneuver the cold, hard cruelty of the lease. Owner Lisa Brooke tells CHS the bar just found out it needs to be moved out by November 1st. So, the Redwood is pushing up its wake to a Halloween goodbye party. You can dress up as the sad neighbor. Or a Port Angeles hipster.

Lisa and Mat Brooke say they plan to move some of the old guts of the Redwood to the Olympic Peninsula to open up a new joint in PA.

But don’t get your hopes up for yet another reprieve after years of warnings that the Redwood’s end was coming.

“Mat jokes we’re the bar that cries wolf, but this one’s the real deal😢,” Lisa assures us.

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