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CHS Subscriber Drive: The blog by the numbers

  1. CHS is your Capitol Hill neighborhood news source around the clock, 7 days a week
  2. We need 2,000 subscribers to sustain our business without implementing the inconvenient, news-stifling, browser-slowing PAY WALL. This is who “we” are, by the way.
  3. As of this posting CHS is approaching 550 subscribers. Subscribe to CHS here
  4. We know 2,000 will take us months of work to get to. Our short-term goal is to get to 800 by Halloween.
  5. That’s 10 more per day for 8 days. Seems doable. When we get there, we can remove those pesky pop-ups and clutter-y subscriber promos from the site.
  6. So, for now, we need 250 more of you to say, yes, we like having high quality neighborhood news available to all.
  7. CHS has been publishing community news for more than a decade — around 125 stories or more per month.
  8. Some 5,000 to 8,000 visitors come to CHS every day — we’ve had days serving 10x that many when big news breaks.
  9. 36% of CHS’s readers return every day, 50% at least once per week.
Subscribe and support CHS Contributors -- $1/$5/$10 per month

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5 years ago

I feel like maybe it was bad timing to start the subscription drive immediately after returning from hiatus. Not sure if the blog was fully “back to form” by the time you started. And it gets easier to ignore these messages with each.

(I want to support focused local news like this, but I earn minimum wage, and want to be sure that one of my few donations isn’t being decided mostly based on good memories from before.)

5 years ago

I am already a subscriber thinking to slightly increase the subscription. Through one email I can see my current amount but do not see how to change the amount.