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Officer charged with theft for skipping 55 days of work in the East Precinct

East Precinct cop Michael Stankiewicz has been charged by the King County Prosecutor for getting paid for days that he was not actually working.

On August 15th, a lieutenant noticed a discrepancy in Stankiewicz’s scheduled work day when the officer was absent, according to the charges. The lieutenant then checked other logs, saw a pattern, and notified respective commands. The Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) acted on its investigation of Stankiewicz on August 29th, inducing the officer’s paid suspension.

Once the OPA found the accusations grounded, the prosecuting attorney was notified, and Stankiewicz was put on unpaid leave. Of the 321 days the OPA checked, the investigation found the Marysville resident got paid 55 separate times where he made $49.29 an hour but wasn’t working.

The total amount of unwarranted pay Stankiewicz is charged for taking: $23,905.65.

Stankiewicz was previously cited for excessive force in 2015 in which he received eight days suspension. In this incident, he was found to have unnecessarily lifted a sitting, arrested individual only to knock out the man’s legs from underneath him and choke him.

The defendant will be arraigned on November 6th at the King County Courthouse.

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