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CHS Ink | A special edition with Hugh, a Broadway regular

(Image: Tiffany Fetters)

Frequent CHS Flickr Pool contributor Tiffany Fetters shared some details of a recent Capitol Hill tattoo session that makes for a very “special edition” of CHS Ink. Meet Hugh, a Broadway regular who recently got his first tattoo after decades on Capitol Hill.

Name: Hugh.
“If you live on the North End of Broadway, chances are you know Hugh! He has lived on the Hill since the 70’s and is beloved at every shop from Corvus to the Deluxe. Hugh was hanging out with a group of us on a Saturday afternoon and after a scotch and soda, he said… my whole life, I never wanted a tattoo… but if I did get one, it would be a rose. Johnny heard him say it and jumped at the chance to gift him a tattoo! I was lucky enough to capture the moment with my camera. Hugh is an original badass and we are all lucky to call him our friend :)”
Location: Broadway
Tattoo artist: Johnny Robinson at Social Skins on Broadway

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3 thoughts on “CHS Ink | A special edition with Hugh, a Broadway regular

  1. This is the same Hugh of “Hugh’s Breakfast” on Deluxe’s menu! He really is an impressive person. There’s a lot of sass and a good heart there.

  2. live in the same building as Hugh and he is such a lovely person…I have run into him or seen him at Corvus Company as well…just a hop skip and jump from where we live…..and I love the fact that he got his first tattoo… I must share with him that I received my first and only tattoo in 1974 at Lyle Tuttle in San Francisco in 1974 ~ It is so cool to live in the same building as such legendary person on the Hill