East Precinct cop accused of theft pleads not guilty

Seattle Police Department officer Michael Stankiewiczthe cop charged with theft for allegedly skipping 55 days of work in the East Precinct — has pleaded not guilty to the crime.

Prosecuting documents state Stankiewicz stole $23,905.65 by allegedly being absent from work when he was scheduled to be on duty.

Stankiewicz was arraigned Monday morning.

His case setting date is scheduled for November 27 under judge Sean O’Donnell with Anna Goykhman being Stankiewicz’s counsel.

Following the entry of his plea, jail records show Stankiewicz was booked into King County Jail before being released a half hour later. The defendant remains out of custody pending court hearings.

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2 thoughts on “East Precinct cop accused of theft pleads not guilty

  1. 30 minutes is record time for processing out of jail. If you don’t work as a police officer and are accused of obstructing one of them rather than embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from the public, it’s likely to take hours after posting bail before you’ll be released.

    • Not really. You can post cash bail at the booking counter before you’re even dressed out. If you’re posting bond and you talk to a bail bondsman in advance they will sit there in court and post the bond immediately.