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Election Day on Capitol Hill and the Broadway ballot drop box is busy

It is Election Day in Seattle. Or, really, Election Night — the first drop of early voting counts will hit sometime after 8 PM. Don’t worry. You still have time to vote. And you don’t need a stamp — just a pen.

CHS stopped by the friendly neighborhood King County Elections ballot drop box Monday. The blue and white, tough as nails security box was already doing brisk business with Capitol Hill and Seattle Central voters.

Find your drop box
The box is a new addition to the county’s democratic landscape added last year to Broadway in front of Seattle Central across from E Howell as part of a King County-wide effort to increase turnout.  In 2011, Washington shifted to all-mail elections but the percentage of eligible voters participating in midterm elections fell below 40%. According to the county, the ballot drop boxes are especially important for last-minute voters. In past elections, the county has had sheriff deputies at each location to help ensure a safe voting environment. In the Central District, you can find a drop box at the Garfield Community Center at 23rd and Cherry. You have until 8 PM Tuesday night to get in line and drop your ballot.

Need help? You can find out more about printing a new ballot or envelope here or you can vote in person at these locations through 8 PM. Once you have voted, you can track your ballot here. Looking for some local ideas, thoughts, and takeaways on the candidates and issues? Here is the CHS Election 2017 section.


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  1. Just dropped off my ballot. There was a long line to get to the box and once there it was hard to get ballots in the slot. Seems like the box is overfilled and needs to be collected.