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Moving past Paseo, Bok a Bok landing next to Neumos with Korean-style deep fried chicken

Neumos has a rocking new partner to provide chow in its adjacent restaurant space and to provide spicy accompaniment to the cold brew and cocktails it serves at its sibling bar The Runaway and inside the live music venue itself.

White Center born Bok a Bok Chicken will bring its Korean-style deep fried drumsticks and more to the small space on 10th sandwiched between the club and The Runaway bar.

“I’m amped to be opening Bok a Bok on Capitol Hill,” chef-owner Brian O’Connor says in the announcement of the new project. “We’ve spent a great deal of time honing our fried chicken skills down south and are looking forward to our new neighbors trying it out.”

Bok a Bok’s recipe will bring new flavors to Capitol Hill’s nosh scene:

Bok A Bok’s menu centers around Korean-style fried chicken, with a crispier take on the traditional batter sealing in the juicy, natural flavors from fresh, sustainably-raised chickens. Inspired by O’Connor’s travels throughout Asia, his unique spin on fried chicken sets the restaurant apart from others in the Pacific Northwest. Guests can pair fried chicken breast; drumsticks, thighs and wings with a selection of house made dipping sauces ranging from sweet to spicy. The menu also features rice bowls, fried chicken sandwiches, and comfort-inspired sides including kimchi, ginger coleslaw, mac n’ cheese and house-made biscuits.

The project replaces the much-hyped but apparently underwhelming arrival of the Paseo chain on Capitol Hill. Ryan Santwire purchased the rights to the Paseo name and its original Fremont location before expanding with Paseo Capitol Hill. The 10th and Pike Paseo debuted in February earlier this year in the space left empty when Pike Street Fish Fry closed in late 2015. Despite the hype, the restaurant lasted about nine months and quietly closed recently. We have a message out to Santwire to learn more about the closure and will update if we hear back. UPDATE: Paseo is searching for a new Hill home, Santwire tells CHS. “We are moving, as we need more room and want/need to do alcohol in our space,” he writes. The goal is to find a place that can accommodate a full Paseo Cantina with room to also fill the needs of the company’s catering business.

Bok a Bok is set to open December 1st.

Bok a Bok will be located at 925 E Pike with an entrance on 10th Ave. You can learn more at


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5 thoughts on “Moving past Paseo, Bok a Bok landing next to Neumos with Korean-style deep fried chicken

  1. The reason Paseo failed was because the food and the service was horrible. Don’t know about the Fremont restaurant, but this certainly didn’t provide anything like the original Paseo.

  2. I never made it to cap hill paseo, but have been to Fremont since the takeover and i felt it lived up to the original paseo (at least the fish sandwich). I have two spaces where I’d love to see paseo on the hill: the old Broadway Grill location that has been long vacant, but I bet they are waiting for the upzoning to be complete so that they can tear it down and build something huge. How about the old dilettante space at mercer and broadway?

    • I agree, I think the Fremont location reboot is just as good as the previous one. If there’s any difference it’s very slight, and well within the variations that anywhere could have from day to day. The SoDo location is good too. Glad to hear they’ll be somewhere else on CH too, eventually. I can think of a couple of places I wouldn’t mind seeing go, but I’m sure they’re somebody’s favorites so I’ll just STFU and see what happens and where they end up.