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What’s up with 516 East Pike Donuts?

It could just be a catchy project name but CHS gets intrigued when we find a construction permit for what could be a new doughnut shop from one of the men responsible for Top Pot, one of Capitol Hill’s most successful food and drink startups.

Just before Thanksgiving, the first paperwork was filed for a project on E Pike in the former home of Sun Liquor’s bottle shop where, last year around this time, people were lining up to buy Sun’s famous aged eggnog. The new project’s name? 516 East Pike Donuts.

Sun founder and Top Pot co-founder Michael Klebeck is usually happy to talk with CHS. We last spoke when we broke the news his Sun Liquor distillery was moving off the Hill earlier this year. But Klebeck declined to comment on the new project at this time.

If it does, indeed, involve fried dough, the hush hush project should get doughnut fans excited. The brothers Klebeck, Mike and Mark, opened the first Top Pot in 2002 on Summit Ave before growing it into a national business. A new approach in the small space next to the former Sun Liquor E Pike space will be interesting to watch.

Meanwhile, the former Sun Liquor is also going through some changes as the East Trading Company gets ready to move in.

Capitol Hill’s doughnut game is strong even though your doughnut bar idea never came to fruition. In addition to the original Top Pot, Capitol Hill is home to a Mighty-O at 12th and Madison and just down Union, Renee Erickson has cornered the Capitol Hill market on cream-filled luxury doughnuts at General Porpoise, part of her complex of award-winning experiences along with Bateau and Bar Melusine. Meanwhile, around the corner on E Pike, Cupcake Royale adds its Rodeo Donut brand to the mix with decorated brioche rings, maple bars, and fritters. Also to consider when planning your morning bread, Westman’s Bagels and Coffeea New York–Style Bagel Counter from small space genius Monica Dimas and baker Molly Westman, is set to open soon in the walk-up space on E Madison formerly home to Manu’s Bodegita.


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