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Woman struck crossing E Olive Way

A woman was reported hit by a driver early Friday morning at Boylston and E Olive Way.

Seattle Fire responded to the crossing just after 6 AM to a report a female in her 30s had been struck. The woman was reported conscious after the collision but was transported to Harborview for treatment of her injuries, according to SFD radio dispatches. She was in stable condition, according to a department spokesperson.

Seattle Police were at the scene to close the area to traffic. The vehicle and driver were found at the scene and contacted by police.

Westbound E Olive Way was reopened to traffic just before 7 AM.

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17 thoughts on “Woman struck crossing E Olive Way

  1. This is a great spot for some motion activated flashing lights like those at the Olive Way I-5 North on ramp. Or at least improvements to lighting.

    Hope this woman has a speedy recovery.

  2. I use to use this crosswalk every day on my way to work. I”m not sure what it is about this location but it was always difficult to get cars to stop. I often had to be pretty aggressive IE just walk out in front of traffic and keep a close eye on the driver and run if needed.

  3. Olive Way road diet NOW. There are not any painted lane lines between Denny and Broadway, with space for two lanes before and after this crosswalk, which was only installed when Sound Transit began excavation work for Capitol Hill station. Drivers speed up when they get on this stretch of Olive Way, because there are NO OTHER crosswalks between Denny and Broadway, excepting the ped half signal at Summit which forces peds to wait.

    Having one marked unsignalized crosswalk is *contrary* to all of the other cues that drivers get in this corridor, leading to dangerous situations like this.

    Time to paint lane lines, narrow the roadway, and slow drivers.

    • I’m not sure there can be a road diet- there’s only two lanes there now, plus parking in spots. It hasn’t been a four lane road since they got rid of parking restrictions during rush hours. That said, crossing Olive sucks. Even at the signaled crosswalk at Summit, people left turn through the light from Summit.

    • We don’t have details on where the pedestrian was when struck by the driver. As I reported, the vehicle and the driver were reported at the scene so does not appear to be a hit and run.

  4. I cross here multiple times a day and it is often impossible to get cars to stop. As mentioned above, that section of Olive is a racetrack and something should be done to lower car speeds. I think flashing lights at that crosswalk would be a big help.

  5. Agree with the suggestions for flashing lights and anything else that gives visibility to pedestrians and gets drivers to slow down. This always gets more urgent and threatening when it’s dark much of the time.
    (I don’t want to sidetrack the conversation, but what the hell is wrong with us? Why, when we drive, is it so hard to remember that there are other people around, they are awfully vulnerable, and they also have the right of way in Seattle?)

    • Remember that pedestrians are vulnerable and have the right away…. if only it was ignorance or negligence… way too many people are actively aggressive to other road users – pedestrians, cyclists, even other drivers that they perceive aren’t going fast enough…

      We need an big attitude change, wherein people realize that driving is a privilege and an enormous responsibility and that the attitude that a driver somehow has the right to get to where they are going as fast as humanly possible with no regard to everyone else is an incredibly selfish and self centered thing.

      There used to be a beautiful quote in the driver’s test guide for WA, that has alas gone away in favor of a national standardized booklet, that said “Sharing the road means getting along, not getting ahead” – too bad more people can’t drive that way.

    • @CDcyclist: your comment could also be directed at some cyclists, who cycle aggressively and do not follow the “rules of the road.” We all….motorists and cyclists alike….need to be more respectful of each other and “share the road.”

    • @Bob…
      This accident has NOTHING to do with cyclists… only my user name does, and I am very respectful no matter what type of vehicle I am using – motor or non-motor, so there is absolutely NO reason for you to even try to drag cyclists into this.

  6. I cross here all the time coming or going to CC’s. I’m really glad for the little island in the middle of the unsignaled crosswalk. On Fri and Sat nights that island is a great halfway spot, since on weekend nights it’s safe to just assume lots of drivers are at least slightly toasted. They should build more of those islands, it would slow the traffic down a lot. (Not saying this driver was toasted at 6am).

  7. Could curb bulbs be added to narrow the road where peds cross? I have become a huge fan of curb bulbs – they allow peds to stay on the sidewalk and still be prominently seen waiting to cross the street.

    • Due to the center island, there isn’t room for curb bulbs. The road compresses to 1 lane each direction as the lanes shift into what were parking spaces.

      The main issue with pedestrians being seen is evident on the articles google map. The crosswalk signage is hidden from drivers heading East due to the tree and that tree itself poses an issue as pedestrians are hidden or blend into it at night. Added lights and signals would go a long way to help here.

  8. hi. I was the woman struck. does anyone know how to find the person who struck me? I don’t want to sue, I just need a new pair of glasses because they broke. and I need help covering medical costs and possible surgery. ps please excuse the bad grammar and what not, I only have one working arm now. thank you.

    • Hi Riley I’m really sorry this happened. Just saw your comment from a couple weeks ago. Hope you are doing better.

      I think it would be a good idea to talk with a lawyer about the medical bills. I hear King County has legal services available if you call 211.

      Did the Seattle Police give you a business card with a case number? You could ask them the drivers name. Also the police non emergency number is 206-625-5011