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Prosecutors file charges in East Precinct gunpoint rape and robbery case

Prosecutors are charging 24-year-old Timothy D. Harris, Jr. with one count of first degree rape and another of first degree robbery after a woman was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in her home and her car was ditched near Madison Valley in a December 17th attack police say was set in motion when the two met earlier in the month and exchanged phone numbers.

CHS reported on details of the Sunday, December 17th attack here. Police say they were able to use Harris’s phone number to track him to the downtown shelter where he was a resident. According to court documents filed before the Christmas holiday, prosecutors say Harris has a limited criminal history and was new to the Seattle area:

Harris is currently held on $500,000 bail “based on the violent nature of the offense, concerns that if released the defendant will commit another violent crime and in order to ensure the defendant appears in court,” prosecutors say.

The defendant was scheduled to make a second court appearance Tuesday afternoon, according to the prosecutor’s office. He has not yet entered a plea on any charges.


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One thought on “Prosecutors file charges in East Precinct gunpoint rape and robbery case

  1. I know that people quote studies that say most of our homeless population is from King County. But it seems like there are plenty of examples, like this one, when these people are obviously from some place else. Are we attracting them? Is the rotation of the earth spinning them here?