Robatayaki restaurant project next for former Broadway bagel space

The Lyric

While some spaces along Broadway seem like they may never come back to life, others are more fungible. After some construction work, the former home of a big chain bagel shop is slated to be reborn as the latest investment from the U.S. subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Plenty, Inc.

The Robata project will create a new restaurant concept for the company below The Lyric building at 230 Broadway E. The space was formerly home to Einstein Bros. Bagels until it suddenly shuttered in October 2016. Previously, Einstein sibling Noah’s stood at the location before it was demolished to make way for the Lyric development.

Plenty USA has not yet responded to CHS’s inquiries about the new project but construction has begun on the space. The company also operates the chain of Santouka ramen restaurants in the area.

Robatayaki style Japanese cuisine, Wikipedia informs, is “often shortened to just robata (ろばた in hiragana), refers to a method of cooking, similar to barbecue, in which items of food on skewers are slow-grilled over hot charcoal. Many Japanese restaurants, both in Japan and abroad, specialize in this style of food preparation.”

The restaurants typically feature a central grill surrounded by seating where the items are on display and diners can point out what they would like to have grilled next.

With a proliferation of poke and noodles on Capitol Hill, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise to see more variations of Asian cuisine getting a spin in the neighborhood.

The Lyric building, meanwhile, has seen its fair share of tenant turn over though its main tenant Bank of America has provided a solid base. The exit of another giant chain was filled by the United States Postal Service when Officemax bailed on its Lyric home.

2018 will also see another large Broadway commercial space put back into motion. The Anejo Restaurant and Tequila Bar is slated to open in the space left empty by Dilettante’s exit from Capitol Hill.

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5 thoughts on “Robatayaki restaurant project next for former Broadway bagel space

  1. So what exactly is going on with the old Broadway Grill space? It’s been an eyesore for so long, and I’m surprised it hasn’t had a fire like many abandoned buildings have.

    • I have no inside knowledge, but I suspect the owners of the property (and perhaps the property just to the north of it) are waiting for the probable rezone of that stretch of Broadway, and they will then redevelop. Just a hunch.