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Seattle tenant rights rally, pop-up renters clinic to greet landlord trade show

Tenant rights, labor, and housing advocate groups are planning a day of protests and education to counterbalance the presence of landlords from around the state at an industry trade show at the convention center downtown Tuesday.

The Rally for Tenant Rights will start around 11 AM at Westlake Center. Organizers say State Representative Nicole Macri, and City Council members Kshama Sawant and Teresa Mosqueda are scheduled to attend:

On December 5th, landlord associations are holding a conference with 1,500 landlords from throughout the state to learn how to use current law against tenants. These same landlord associations spend thousands of dollars buying local elections, lobbying against tenant rights on the local and state level, and suing cities to block tenant rights. We will rally at the same time as the conference at Westlake Park (tentative location). Join us as we share our stories, learn our rights as tenants, and rally for expanded tenant protections!

Sponsoring organizers include the Washington Community Action Network, the Gender Justice League, UFCW Local, 21 WFSE Local 304, SEIU 775, Real Change, and the Washington Tenants Union.

Later in the afternoon, the Tenants Union, Be:Seattle, the Fair Work Center, and the Seattle Office for Civil Rights will be on hand at Capitol Hill’s Gay City for a “pop-up clinic”

Do you have problems with your landlord or at your workplace? Questions about your rights as a tenant or a worker? Do you want to organize together with your neighbors?

The Trends Rental Housing Management Conference and Trade Show, meanwhile, is slated to run all day at the Washington State Convention Center. Around 1,500 are expected to attend.

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3 years ago

Always wondered what the “Free Rent” mural on that apartment building meant.

3 years ago

if it was up to these protestors they would I should spend millions on a building just to let them live there.
I have my life to make money so I should have to give it to them?