Starbucks making Capitol Hill ‘move’ of its Broadway/Republican cafe

Broadway and Denny’s coming soon Starbucks

The Seattle-based coffee giant is pretty much ruining the joke. There won’t be a Starbucks on every corner on Broadway.

Employees at the Broadway and Republican location are telling customers that, come 2018, the shop will be “moving” to the new 101 Broadway building, across from Capitol Hill Station at Broadway and Denny.

CHS reported this summer on plans for a new Starbucks in the new mixed-use building near the busy transit station. Now it appears Starbucks corporate has deemed the old Broadway and Republican location unnecessary.

The closure will mark the second Starbucks to shutter on Capitol Hill to end 2017. Earlier this year, the 15th Ave E Starbucks — at one time an indie-styled experiment by the company — shuttered and will make way for a new Full Tilt ice cream shop.

Starbucks, meanwhile, isn’t the only big coffee chain closing cafes on the Hill. CHS reported on the lawsuit and the tax problems behind the closure of Tully’s after 20 years at 19th and Aloha.

As for what is next at Broadway and Republican, CHS doesn’t allow itself to indulge in straight up rumors too often but the exit of Starbucks on this end of Broadway might connect to persistent gossip we hear of a big brand pizza chain looking to expand its Capitol Hill presence. Feel free to speculate further in comments.

The Broadway and Republican Starbucks is slated for its final day of business on January 8th.


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13 thoughts on “Starbucks making Capitol Hill ‘move’ of its Broadway/Republican cafe

    • Nearly everywhere in Seattle is ‘casual.’ Go just about anywhere on the hill and there’s some slob in sweatpants there, I promise.

    • @Able: Better a slob in sweatpants than a slob in a suit. If I wanted people who spend too much time caring how they and others look, I’d move to LA, Dallas or NYC.

  1. Able I don’t mean the attire of the patrons, I mean the type of restaurant. Look up the term and the restaurants in places like denver, La, DC, San Francisco, Boston.

  2. I believe the Broadway & Republican Starbucks was the 4th Starbucks ever. Considering Roy Street Coffee and the Starbucks in QFC, seems reasonable, but I wonder what will go in that spot. Perhaps another company’s coffee shop. Or a fast food place.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I remember when Starbucks only had 4 or 5 locations, and the Broadway location was one of them. Broadway north of John seemed so much livelier back in the mid-80’s than now, but maybe it was just my wide-eyed, high schooler’s view of the world. The new Starbucks will be closer to my place (and to the light rail station), but it will be sad to see this fixture from an older Capitol Hill change.