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The Saint is back and very pink as no-restaurant, all-bar club

Thanks to Seattle’s incrementally climbing minimum wage law, Capitol Hill’s The Saint is now pink. Very pink.

Quentin Ertel reopened his E Olive Way over the weekend in a “bougainvillea pink” overhaul designed to bring the Mexican-themed hangout more into the business framework of his other Hill ventures like the Havana nightclub. The restaurant is gone, the focus on tequila and mezcal, doubled. Ertel told CHS in September before closing The Saint for upgrades and the dramatic new paint job that it was too difficult to compete with larger restaurant groups to keep a top notch restaurant crew staffed. “We were paying on the level of big companies. And we’re basically a taco shack,” Ertel said.

The new Saint reopened with a private party Thursday night and enjoyed its first weekend back in the E Olive Way bar zone with more space for booze, cocktails, and partying inside:

Inspired by the vibrant colors of a matador’s jacket, black, gold, and bright pink play a prominent role in the design concept. Circles of gold leaf on the windows provide a peek into the lounge where plush black and gold banquettes are the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail with friends.

“DJ nights are in the works,” the PR promises.

Now, with the bright pink paint, The Saint is a party on the outside, too.

The Saint is located at 1416 E Olive Way. You can learn more at

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12 thoughts on “The Saint is back and very pink as no-restaurant, all-bar club

  1. Sad to see this “in the framework of Havanna” — I think of that as one of the worst spots on the Hill. Full of drunk bros.

  2. This is a real eyesore. The idea that they got rid of their kitchen becuasse they couldn’t pay the kitchen staff a livable wage (higher pay is available at other kitchens) is a drag too. …but, you know, they are playing to the new demographic of Capitol Hill which is the partying bro set.

  3. Have any of you ever been to the Saint? If you had, you’d know that it’s far less bro than average, and far less obnoxious than the crowds at other nearby establishments. Stop hating, sip on a fancy tequila and chill plz.

  4. I feel like such an outlier for actually liking the Saint’s tacos. I appreciated that the place wasn’t super-busy, wasn’t super-bro-y, and (importantly) is air-conditioned. Now it’s just a place for $12 margaritas. Rest in peace, blue Saint.

  5. Isn’t there still a law in Seattle which requires places like this to serve a certain amount of food (as a percentage of total sales)? Is it possible these days to have a stand-alone bar without any food at all?

    • Don’t think that law exists anymore. That law is what led The Stranger to pronounce the short-lived restaurant at The Cuff to be “the saddest excuse for a liquor license in all of Seattle”.