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CHS Pics | MLK 2018 the start of a week of activism on Capitol Hill

Thousands of people took to the streets Monday from 23rd and Jefferson’s Garfield High School, to the East Precinct at the corner of 12th and Pine on Capitol Hill, and on down Pine to Westlake as part of a day of rallies, seminars, and marching to mark the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bolstered by amazing January weather, the crowds filled multiple city blocks with groups representing indigenous communities, Black Lives Matter, and area labor organizations. Helicopters from local television stations — and the King County Sheriff — spun through the blue sky. At 12th and Pine, the march came to a stop as the marchers took a knee, echoing the ongoing pre-game protests in the NFL.

Friday, community members, congregation members, and city officials gathered at Mt. Zion to celebrate King’s legacy of non-violent opposition to racism — and give Seattle’s new interim police chief Carmen Best a standing ovation, the city’s first Black woman to hold the post.

Monday’s march is the start of a week of activism on Capitol Hill. Saturday and Sunday bring the 2018 Seattle Women’s March starting at Cal Anderson and a weekend of activism and organizing for women’s rights.

Weekend of action: 2018 Seattle Women’s March is only the beginning

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3 years ago

What does New Seasons have to with displacement? Why is there a “Protect Mother Earth” sign being carried around?

People can do better by marching for what the day is about, honoring the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and recognizing the racial inequalities that he dedicated his life to overcome.

Not cool to co-opt the day with your own pet messages.

3 years ago
Reply to  Brian

I swear, people in Seattle protest about the stupidest things. It’s like a f**king hobby, like they wouldn’t know how to fill their time if they weren’t marching about something. And looking at the events of the past year DC-wise, it sure doesn’t seem to have accomplished anything.