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Blotter | Police looking for man for threats against Capitol Hill School — UPDATE

Leonardo Riviera (Image: SPD)

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UPDATE 3/1/18 6:53 AM: SPD reports Riviera has been taken into custody: “Good news, Riviera has been arrested. Thanks for all the help.”

  • School threats: Police are searching for a 26-year-old man who they say made threats against Capitol Hill’s Meany Middle School Monday morning:
  • Officers are searching for 26-year-old Leonardo Riviera who they believe threatened to harm someone at Meany Middle School. Riviera walked up to the school Monday morning claiming he had a knife and imitating a gun with his hand. School security escorted Riviera off the property just before students notified officials of Riviera’s behavior. School staff then called police who are now investigating

    Police are asking for anybody who sees Riviera or knows his whereabouts to call 911 immediately. According to East Precinct radio reports during a search of the area for him on Monday, Riviera frequents 15th Ave. The incident began Monday morning when Riviera entered the school and refused to leave, telling staff he was a parent at the school. According to radio dispatches, he began making threats when police were called because he would not leave the 20th Ave E school. Police say parents were notified of the threat by Seattle Public Schools.

  • First Hill gunfire arrest: Police arrested a man for firing a handgun in the middle of First Hill Wednesday morning:

    At around 9:30 Wednesday morning, officers responded to several calls of a man firing a gun into the air in the 1100 block of Summit Avenue. Callers provided 911 with a detailed description of the suspect and officers located and detained him quickly. The suspect had the pistol in his pocket, but he complied with the officers’ commands. The pistol was recovered from the man’s pocket. It appeared that the suspect fired two rounds from the pistol, and officers could not locate any victims or property damage in the immediate vicinity. One shell casing was located and recovered at the scene.

    Police say the 31-year-old fired “several rounds from a .22 semi-automatic pistol into the air.” 911 callers reported seeing the man fire the shots and then proceed to Seneca where he waited at the bus stop as police arrived. There were no reported injuries.

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One thought on “Blotter | Police looking for man for threats against Capitol Hill School — UPDATE

  1. Municipal Court records show that Mr. Rivera (not Riviera) is now undergoing a competency exam. But it’s disturbing to me that a case against him (one of many) was dismissed in October because he was found incompetent to stand trial. That case involved two weapons charges. So, if you are dangerous and incompetent, they just let you out?

    Rivera has a long, violent record, yet he is constantly allowed back on the streets. I wish somebody in the judicial system or prosecutor’s office could explain why that is. This seems like one of those guys who has to kill somebody to get himself locked up for a significant period of time.