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Capitol Hill Community Post | Capitol Hill Pride newly formed Non-Profit

From Capitol Hill Pride

Capitol Hill Pride is proud to announce itself as a new non-profit organization and Trademark name established by the organizers of The Capitol Hill Pride Festival and a Board of Directors which is looking forward to its 10th year on Broadway.

Capitol Hill Pride has just submitted to the City of Seattle Special Events an application for Sat. June 23, 2018 the day long street festival and march for Pride weekend and is currently scheduling to meet with Seattle’s new Mayor Jenny Durkan.

The Directors are encouraged that this year’s permitting will go smoother as the last two years saw permitting denial for a second day and severe restrictions which resulted in a decreased attendance at the 2017 festival under former Mayor Ed Murray favoring other Pride events during his re-election campaign.

The Capitol Hill Pride Festival has grown to become the Northwest’s largest Pride street festival since 2009 and Capitol Hill’s largest event since 2013. The Directors are dedicated to promoting local organizations and businesses in what is recognized as a Constitutionally protected annual event for Pride weekend.

The street festival is planned for 2018 for Sat. June 23rd from 10am to 10pm on Capitol Hill.

The Capitol Hill Pride March is planned for 10am on Sat. June 23rd from Seattle Central to the main stage on Broadway and Harrison.

Development on events, registration and stage schedule will be announced on the website.

The new Capitol Hill Pride logo is a black/white unicorn reflecting the colors of the Pride flag including pink representing the large diversity of the community.

Capitol Hill Pride is confident in the many restaurants, businesses non-profits and artists in promoting the LGBTQAI cause whether it’s through their art, business or personal expression and support of the community all year long.

For more information visit:

Developing Board
Charlette LeFevre
Philip Lipson
David Kennedy
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Bo Odyssey

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2 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Community Post | Capitol Hill Pride newly formed Non-Profit

  1. This is the same organization that took the money from all of the vendors and refused to return it after their permit was pulled last year. I currently have a small claims judgment against them to get my money back but they refuse to respond to court notices or emails. I hope the city wises up and never lets them throw a festival again.