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Blotter | Police release images of E Madison ATM gunpoint robbery suspect

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  • E Madison ATM robbery update: Detectives have released security imagery showing the suspect they say robbed a man at the Bank of America ATM near 14th and Madison early on the morning of March 1st. According to police, the robbery took place just before 6 AM as the victim was headed to work nearby. A search of the area that included a K-9 dog unit did not locate the suspect. The suspect is described by police as a white male, 5’6″ tall, medium build, with a mustache and possible goatee. Police are asking anyone with information on the suspect to contact the SPD Robbery Unit at (206) 684-5542.
  • Gun threat: Police at Garfield High for Wednesday’s student walkout rushed to 23rd Ave following the event to a report that someone in a car had brandished a gun at kids before driving away from the area near E Yesler. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, police were called to the area following the walkout just before 11 AM. A student at the school told police that a passenger in a passing car had pointed the handgun at a group. A search for the vehicle followed but we do not have any information about its description or any arrests.
  • E Olive Way ‘wombat’ assault: An assault on an E Olive Way bartender got the offending patron banned from the premises and provided responding officers with a quandary: is the term “wombat” a slur? According to the SPD report on the March 12th incident outside an unnamed E Olive Way drinking establishment, police were called around 1 AM that Monday morning to a report of an assault involving an unruly patron:When officers told the patron she was now banned from the bar by management, she didn’t seem very upset:
    The officer writing the report notes uncertainty about the term that reportedly angered the customer:
    According to the report, the incident has been referred to the City Attorney’s office for follow-up.


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  1. Googling “wombat insult” takes you down an interesting Australian rabbit hole (or wombat burrow) but it does not seem to be a racial slur. Perhaps the most appropriate definition:

    Wombat: colloq. an uneducated or stupid person.
    Source(s): Macquarie Concise Dictionary (a dictionary of Australian English)

  2. If we have to look that hard to find it, and the person it’s directed at didn’t take it as a racial insult, and nobody seems to be too clear whether it is or isn’t– is it really worth referring to the City Attorney’s office? Kinda takes the sting out of it if the intended victim doesn’t even know whether or how they’ve been maligned or not…? Weird all the way around.

  3. Wombat
    (noun) A single woman aged 21-34 who has a child. She tries harder than a normal woman with no kids to look hot and will typically do more in bed in order to attract a mate to help support her and raise her child. Indicators include: a lot of eye shadow, lives with her parents, lets you do crazy things to her in bed in order to prove her worth.
    Urban dictionary also said it was an extremely hairy buttock crack on a man.