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BREAKING: ‘Amante is gone and they took their flashing sign with them’

Here is a twist we did not see coming. Earlier this month, CHS reported on the exit of Amante Pizza from E Olive Way and Denny to make way for a new retail marijuana venture from Bremerton-born The Reef. We knew the fancy pants architects Olson Kundig were involved in the design for the new store. But we had no idea the infamous flashing gateway, welcome-to-Capitol Hill landmark would be disappearing from the corner. It’s possible that David is high — but he also provided photographic proof. But Sunday is also April Fool’s. Let us know what you’re seeing on E Olive Way.

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17 thoughts on “BREAKING: ‘Amante is gone and they took their flashing sign with them’

  1. Yep. Signs are gone, outdoor patio/seating area/junk storage is gone, building is pretty well stripped out inside. It looks like a total remodel is in the works.

  2. They had a crew out at 7:00am taking the signage down. I thought it weird to be doing that work at such an early hour.

    • Construction always starts at 7am as that is the earliest legal time they can be crazy loud. Their goal is always to annoy the maximum number of people.

  3. That intersection is already trouble. I can’t wait for another pot shop to come in and make it even better. Unfortunately real estate goes to the highest bidder and pot is awash in cash.

    • Yes, and the fact that they can hire a “fancy pants” architect is more evidence of how much money is available for pot businesses.

    • Anyone ever seen a pot shop that doesn’t have excellent security, cameras, and their own guard? Me neither. Ever been to a pizza place where the pizza includes 37% tax to the State that the customers willingly pay? Me neither.

    • It’s Capitol Hill, not “Cap Hill” and if there’s anything we have enough of it’s bars and restaurants. I don’t see you posting on here in that regard.