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Capitol Hill Community Post | Help redesign Melrose Ave: Open house 4/3

From Melrose Promenade

Capitol Hill residents, businesses, and regional safe streets advocates have worked for years to reimagine what an updated Melrose Ave could mean to the community. Their vision has focused on a “vibrant and visually stunning promenade.”

We want to talk with you about the project and learn what you think. Please attend our open house on Tuesday, April 3, 5:30-7 PM, at Melrose Market Studios (1532 Minor Ave).

Project map and info are below:

Our project goals build off the promenade vision to connect people and places while improving safety. The corridor is a key walking and biking connection in our citywide network.

Right now, people are getting in crashes regularly, streets can be difficult to cross, people driving use Melrose Ave as a cut-through to I-5, and sidewalks can be missing or narrow.
Ideas for a safer, more inviting street have included:

  • traffic calming
  • sidewalk upgrades
  • street crossings
  • public space
  • lane redesign
  • wayfinding signs
  • lighting
  • seating
  • bike facilities
  • pavement repair
Melrose Ave is in our Bicycle Master Plan and part of the project is a designated pedestrian zone.
Get involved
We’re engaging with the community this spring to learn what’s working and what’s not with the corridor, and to better understand what people want us to invest in and where.
Open House
Tuesday, April 3
Melrose Market Studios
1532 Minor Ave
You can also visit our website to learn more, take a survey, and get in touch with the team by calling or emailing.
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4 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Community Post | Help redesign Melrose Ave: Open house 4/3

  1. Is there something wrong with using an urban street to access the major interstate highway through our city? Vehicles have to have reasonable access to the interstate or congestion will only worsen in the area.

  2. Needs way better lighting. I see broken glass along Melrose all the time from car windows getting smashed. Especially between Olive Way and Denny. Maybe some better fencing or doing the landscaping on that block to deter campers.

  3. The street between Pike and Pine is so narrow, with limited sightlines, and suffers from jumbled parking along both sides. Meanwhile, cars hit 30, 40 miles per hour to catch a green light headed toward I-5. It is incredibly dangerous.