Sawant to lead Seattle #metoo International Women’s Day Rally

Sunday night, the #metoo movement shaped many of the most memorable moments at the 90th annual Academy Awards ceremony. District 3’s City Council representative Kshama Sawant is helping lead another #metoo moment in a downtown rally marking Thursday’s International Women’s Rights Day:

The Safety Is Our Right! rally takes place Thursday from 5 to 8 PM in Westlake:

We’ve had enough. We will not accept gun violence, sexual harassment, or abuse in our schools, our streets, our homes, or our workplaces.

This system breeds violence and sexism and produces the horrors of both the Parkland massacre and rampant sexual harassment epitomized by Weinstein. It’s no coincidence that Trump has received millions from the NRA and is a known sexual predator.

We will not support any politician who takes money from the NRA or corporate interests. We will come together as a movement and organize to demand:

– End Harassment & Violence Against Women!
City of Seattle employees’ complaints about sexual harassment are being ignored- support Silence Breakers and fire the abusers! We need anindependent elected office to deal with cases of workplace sexual harassment, support victims and hold employers accountable!

– Safe Schools, Streets, and Homes
Fully funded and safe public schools. Restrictions on military-style weapons and gun ownership for people with a history of domestic abuse.#BlackLivesMatter, no more racist police shootings.

– Housing & Healthcare for All!
Quality healthcare and housing should be a guaranteed right. We need rent control and Medicare for All.

– Impeach Trump!
Build a movement to stop the attacks on women, people of color, immigrants, workers, the environment, and to impeach the “Predator in Chief.”

The event is being organized by Sawant and her Socialist Alternative political party.

Next week, meanwhile, will bring mid-school day walkouts Wednesday, March 14th organized by student and parent groups across the city and a March 24th march against gun violence from Cal Anderson to Seattle.


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9 thoughts on “Sawant to lead Seattle #metoo International Women’s Day Rally

  1. Kshama Sawant: professional protester and amateur city council member…

    In all seriousness: #metoo, gun safety and healthcare are all critically important issues, but for God’s sake Sawant — let the grassroots orgs lead the protests and focus your time on crafting/adopting effective legislation on these issues!! Time to pass along the bullhorn and do the hard political work to lift up your constituents.

  2. I’m curious, does she attend events like this in her “off time”, or does she consider this to be part of her job, done during working hours?

    Next election, maybe City of Seattle should create a position like “Full-Time Protestor & Agitator”. Let Savant and any other such “professionals” run to fill that slot, and we can open up a District 3 Council seat for a councilperson who actually wants to perform productive work.

  3. Come one, come all! We have something for everyone! Want to impeach Trump? Come on down! Women’s Rights Day is great, but let’s have a grab bag of other stuff, too. Metoo? Your bet! End sexual harassment at City Hall? Stand up! Housing and healthcare for all, no matter where you’re from? Of course! Want a safe school, safe street and safe home? Hey, there’s room for everyone. These are all serious issues, but if one was my passion, I I’d worry about dilution of my message, and being connected to Sawant.

    • Yup. If you actually have any, that is.
      If you don’t, well….then you yell– cuz that’s all you’ve got.

  4. Where’s our protection from clueless, socialistic council members forcing a failed economic policy down our throats?

  5. It’s cool that a bunch of men have decided what is and isn’t important for a woman representative to focus her attention on… oh, and it’s a topic that might be of interest to something like 51% of the population of her district.

    • They’re actually called “taxpayers”, a title that knows no gender, race, etc…and are concerned what our elected representatives spend their time on.

  6. It’s beyond ironic that a woman who keeps her ex-husband’s last name for political reasons claims to be such a radical feminist (her birth name, Ramunajam, doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily, does it? And it would probably crowd up those revolutionary red posters with her name on them, which the taxpayers pay for).