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CHS Ink | Scotty and Betty’s arm

Scotty Cayton, aka Betty Wetter, showed CHS a little skin at Saint Johns where they work both as a drag queen and bartender. Joined by owner Michael Lee (left), Betty (right) proudly displays their matching triceratops tattoo done by Emerald City Tattoo. Betty got the ink at last year’s holiday party as a party favor:

The entire staff has a wide variety of different ones. The main reason to get it to match the owner was for Mikey. He booked me for our first viewing party for Ru Paul’s Drag Race, one of the first things we hosted years ago. He’s gotten me my trivia night on Sunday night and has been a dear friend. Now I’m working with this family of people and this tattoo means that. It’s such a simple tattoo but it means so much. It’s also a dinosaur, how cute is that?!

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