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Taco service restored at E Olive Way’s The Saint — Plus, Anejo set to open on Broadway

No, Quentin Ertel is not an evil taco genius.

“As much as I’d like to say this was all part of a grand plan it really came down to two things,” Ertel tells CHS about the happy restoration of taco service at his E Olive Way establishment, The Saint. “The first is that I missed the tacos something fierce. And the second is that our regulars really missed our kitchen. Once we found the right chef it was an easy decision — we decided to give the people what they want!”

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The Saint reopened last December after a-few-month overhaul of the space and the business. The kitchen was closed as part of the changes due to costs and staffing struggles.

Seattle Met reports that The Saint’s reopened kitchen will be helmed by Enrique Vargas, most recently with Copal in Pioneer Square:

Vargas hails from Mexico City and will bring in those deep, handmade flavors. The braised beef short rib taco will come with his own scratchmade mole sauce, crema Mexicana, and queso fresco. There’s also chicken adobo with roasted tomato-chipotle salsa, cochinita pibil with a touch of fennel and habanero salsa, a vegetable option, and, in the summer perhaps, a fish taco too.

He’s keeping the menu straight and to the taco point: four varieties of tacos, guacamole, chips. Drink!

The Saint’s taco revival isn’t the only good news in Capitol Hill Mexican food. We’re told Anejo, the restaurant and tequila bar that has taken over the giant space formerly home to Dilettante on Broadway, is ready to open for business. The official opening is planned for Monday in time for lunch.

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