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Capitol Hill Community Council hosts SPD and Seattle U crime and safety focus group

As the Seattle Police Department continues to build on its work better connecting with the communities it serves — especially with groups and areas of the city that have dealt with biased policing and under-service — one program has been quietly humming along helping SPD produce “micro community policing” plans for hyperlocal areas of the city.

Thursday night, you can learn more about the process — and help shape the plan for your area of Seattle — as the Capitol Hill Community Council hosts a Capitol Hill Crime & Safety Focus Group:

Capitol Hill Community Council: Capitol Hill Crime & Safety Focus Group

Seattle University is partnering with the Seattle Police Department, conducting qualitative research on community crime concerns so that SU researchers can collaborate with SPD leadership in improving the city’s community policing initiative,” organizer write. “Outreach to diverse communities in Seattle is a key part of this initiative and is essential for understanding how to address unique crime concerns throughout the city.”

Community council organizers say an update from the Office of Planning and Community Development on the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Design Guidelines is also part of the night’s agenda.

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