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CHS Pics | Melrose Ave’s new ‘Poem Dazzle’ community crosswalks

The Melrose Promenade group threw a spur of the moment party Thursday night after a Seattle Department of Transportation work crew needed only one night to install new “community crosswalks on the street the organization is dedicated to improving.

“Thank you to our artist Sara Snedeker for her design, Seattle Department of Transportation and Berger Partnership PS for their partnership, everyone in the community for helping select this public art, and Promenade team member Patrick Jones for always being in the right place at the right time with his camera!,” the Melrose Promenade note about the community party read.

CHS stopped by earlier in the day Thursday to check out the colorful new paint job, part of a $90,000 slate of improvements powered by the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund. Melrose’s community crosswalk is part of the Pike/Pine rainbow-inspired program that has been rolled out across the city.

Artist Sarah Snedeker’s “Poem Dazzle” concept, which borrows “angles and shapes” from the facades of buildings “as well as the Starbucks window,” was selected in a community vote this summer.

Last month, CHS reported on the $3 million plan to reimagine and reengineer Melrose Ave as a safer, more active street and center of community with wider sidewalks, benches, trees, and better lighting.

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12 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Melrose Ave’s new ‘Poem Dazzle’ community crosswalks

  1. We don’t need those silly colorful crosswalks that will look like crap in a few weeks and might never get repainted, just like most of the others. What we need is for the traffic lights at Melrose on the Pike side to get set up for all directions, so pedestrians can always cross safely and drivers aren’t confused. It’s completely ridiculous what goes on there. Whoever planned this… back to first kindergarten.

  2. On the one hand we have kids up the street at Lowell elementary who don’t have enough food for dinner, so the school has to provide it.

    On the other we are spending $3m redesigning cross walks so that they are invisible…

  3. Another example of why the taxpayers don’t trust the local government with any more taxes/resources/power.

  4. Ok, the comment nesting on here is a mess. I was saying Yes to the first commenter (that we need traffic lights for safety here). The crosswalk is stupid.

  5. When you read, in the article, “powered by the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund”, that means that the *community* decided they want to spend money on this.