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Scary 911 call at 17th and Olive turns out to be false report

A scary looking 911 callout from overnight

Seattle Police and Seattle Fire were dispatched to a terrible situation overnight on Capitol Hill but fortunately the incident turned out to be a false report.

Just before 4 AM Thursday, a caller to 911 reported that he had shot and killed multiple people and was ready to kill himself. The caller would not provide his location but police were able to track the call to the area around 17th and E Olive St.

Several officers swarmed the area to search the caller. Their search focused on an apartment building in the 1700 block of E Olive St when a person inside the building began yelling unintelligibly from inside. Seattle Fire crews arrived and began preparations for an incident with multiple victims. Meanwhile, media began arriving on the scene.

After around 30 minutes of searching, police contacted one person from inside the building but were unable to ascertain who had made the call. The person contacted was suffering some sort of crisis, SPD tells CHS, but we don’t know yet if that person was taken into custody.

The scene began clearing of emergency vehicles around 4:30 AM.

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