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Blotter | Beating victim found on Melrose, cyclist hit at 12th/Alder

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  • Melrose beating victim: Police are investigating a robbery and assault after finding the victim of a severe beating when an officer noticed moaning coming from the bushes in the 1600 block of Melrose early Wednesday morning. According to the SPD report on the incident, police were on Melrose around 4:15 AM when they found the man in extreme pain and suffering from a possible broken wrist and leg:
    The victim told police he was thrown from a vehicle at E Olive Way and Melrose and managed to drag himself across the street and into the bushes. Police say the victim was not cooperative and did not want to provide additional information about the beating but did tell them his phone was taken during the ordeal. The victim was transported to Harborview. There were no reported arrests.
  • 12/Alder bike collision: A woman in her 20s was taken to Harborview in serious but stable condition after she was struck by a driver while riding her bike near 12th and Alder Tuesday afternoon. Seattle Fire and police were called to the scene just before 6:30 PM after reports of the collision and the rider drifting in and out of consciousness.
  • Lighter fluid assault: Police arrested a man in a June 7th incident where the suspect allegedly sprayed a woman with lighter fluid and threatened to light her on fire during a dispute just before 10 PM near 15th Ave and Harrison. Police arrived to find the female victim doused in lighter fluid in a fight that also left a car windshield cracked and salad strewn about the vehicle, according to the SPD report on the incident. After a search, police located the suspect on the balcony of a nearby apartment building. He was arrested and booked for investigation of assault and malicious mischief.
  • Prolific shoplifter busted: A suspect employees told police steals from the drugstore nearly every day was arrested after tangling with security at the 1100-block Madison Bartell’s on First Hill in a June 8th afternoon incident. Police say the suspect was stopped by the employee as he tried to steal a $5 salami:
    Police arrived to find several people holding the suspect down inside the store. He was arrested and booked for investigation of robbery.
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2 thoughts on “Blotter | Beating victim found on Melrose, cyclist hit at 12th/Alder

  1. Oh, boy. I just love the sense of entitlement many of these Capitol Hill shoplifters have developed. They openly flaunt the fact they can steal all kinds of items, treating the poor clerks (who actually work for a living) as if THEY are the problem.

    It takes a special kind of liberal guilt and institutional enabling to create thieves who think they have the right to steal.

    • Thanks for the driveby but the shoplifting incident happened on First Hill so your trolling smells even lamer. Please continue on your driveby ways away from the site.