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Eyewitnesses: Capitol Hill’s mystery soda machine has disappeared — UPDATE

Breaking news from just off Broadway: The Capitol Hill mystery soda machine is gone.

We’re checking in with area businesses including the Broadway Locksmith to see if they can shed any light on the apparent removal of the pop machine that has garnered global pop culture attention for its mysterious provenance.

Readers started checking in with CHS on the removal starting Saturday morning but the machine appears to have disappeared Friday night.

If you know what happened and what’s next for the machine’s now bare patch of E John dirt, help us clear up the mystery.

UPDATE 5:32 PM: Whatever happened to it, the machine knew it was coming:

UPDATE 7/2/2018 9:31 AM: With the mystery pop machine’s disappearance, other enchanted dispensing devices are moving to take advantage of the absence to establish their own magical holds over Capitol Hill’s population:

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24 thoughts on “Eyewitnesses: Capitol Hill’s mystery soda machine has disappeared — UPDATE

  1. ICE confiscated it
    The machine was owned by illegals. Mexican cartel for years has been using Americans coins to fund their drug smuggling operations.

  2. I heard the space (not the locksmith building — just the small strip of grass) is being turned into a tequila-bar-slash-tanning-salon-slash-ice-cream-shop. That’s the word on the street, at least.

  3. It was heavily tagged but SPD can’t get their act together to catch and vandalize people and graffiti at night on the hill, so I would guess it is being brought in for cleaning?

  4. Last seen on a truck heading to the Broadway Grill! Oh wait that closed just like the rest of old Capitol Hill!

    • it’s actually going on a tour of several places, including Rocket Pizza, Jade Pagoda, Espresso Roma, Bailey Coy, Beyond the Closet, the Easy, Foxes, Coffee Messiah, Basic Plumbing, Pike Street Cinema, Righteous Rags, Seawolf, Brass Connection, Elite II, Rainbow Grocery, Gravity Bar, the Cramp, Pink Zone, Bauhaus, Cafe Paradiso, Manray, Beyond the Edge, the Crypt, and fuck everything why do I still live here.

      • You forgot bulldog news, Broadway grocery, baskin robins, safe way qfc barbells and ace hardware. Oh yeah and the coffee cart in front of rite aid.

    • ha ha – The Broadway Grill was never part of old Capitol Hill, that would’ve been The Broadway which both predated and outclassed it.

  5. A couple of days ago, I saw that someone had smeared dog shit on their ‘please clean up your dog poo’ sign and I wondered if they would retaliate by having the soda machine removed….

  6. Could you transplant call it a pop machine please!!!!! It’s always been pop until the last 10 or so years. End of rant!😊😊😊😊

  7. The last few times I tried buying anything from it, it wasn’t working, so maybe they’re replacing it?

    Or maybe the soda tax made it no longer economical to re-stock.

  8. It was broken. It hasn’t been dispensing pops at all when I’ve tried to get one. Soda tax! Fuck you ed Murray.

  9. The machine was likely murdered by the Soda tax as nobody was buying soda’s anymore! It’s time to repeal the Soda Tax!