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Families Belong Together protests on June 30th include Seattle rally

Jayapal at a Father’s Day rally in downtown Seattle against the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal is calling for “a mass mobilization to demand the Trump administration stop its practice of separating families.”

The U.S. Representative from Washington’s 7th Congressional District is calling on her constituents to join a nationwide Families Belong Together protest on June 30th:

Families Belong Together Seattle

“This is the moral test of our time and we must show up together to protect innocent children and their parents,” Jayapal’s message to supporters reads.

Earlier this month, Rep. Jayapal met with asylum seekers being held in the SeaTac Federal Detention Center. “I hugged as many of them as I could because I just want them to know that we know they are human beings who are seeking safety and security. It was heartbreaking.” Jayapal said.

“President Trump and top administration officials have continued to defend their practice of breaking up families who arrive at the border in the face of bipartisan outcry, criticism from the United Nations and a lawsuit,” the New York Times reports.

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18 thoughts on “Families Belong Together protests on June 30th include Seattle rally

  1. I’ve never been to a protest, (usually due to scheduling, not because I think society is perfect) but I a, going to this one.

  2. Fyi..i got an email from one of the organizers for the Seattle rally that it’s actually going to be at the SeaTac Federal Dentention Center amd not downtown (with recommendations to take the light rail to the Angle Lake station)….you may want to update the address. Apparently Rep Jayapal and organizers of the Womens March are spearheading it and thought that mau ne a more effective location.

  3. We need a chance for a massive rally. I don’t think that will happen in SeaTac. I don’t know if the organizers have any idea of how hungry people are for the chance to be counted.

  4. Maybe if foreigners STOPPED entering the country ILLEGALLY and endangering their children’s lives in the dangerous crossing and instead went through the appropriate channels like European immigrants, then there would be no reason for separating families. When a US citizen commits a crime they are separated from their children. And many US children have been separated from their parents when one of the ILLEGALS kills or rapes their parents. I’m so sick of the criminals being glorified for breaking our LAWS. If you give really freaking care then why don’t you open YOUR house up to these people? Why do YOU pay for their clothing, their food, their cell phones, their cars? How about if one of them breaks into your house and demands food and clothing, you going to give to them? Because that’s what they’re doing. They’re breaking into ALL our homes and demanding for us to pay and care for them while they commit crimes, work under the table, and drive Escalades. I’ve seen it.

    • Cora,
      You sound very young.
      First of all, these people automatically disqualifies you!
      These are families try to make a better life for themselves. Where they come from is something we Americans have no clue. To wake up everyday and not know what dangers you will face just for living is not ok. I’m sure you don’t have any issues….RIGHT!

      There is a process to enter this country and it’s called asylum. Look it up…it’s a good thing. America is made up of immigrants and I’m sure your not native American. Why is it that you feel entitled to tell everyone else that we cannot take care of others. Is it not what Jesus would want us to do?? Feed and cloth the poor. #whosachristian.
      Get off your high horse and go and volunteer somewhere to get your spirit and heart in a loving place. God knows you need it.

    • OMG, why don’t you just write “Racist” on your forehead? Unfortunately, it’s people like you who are inciting violence in our nation, not mothers & children seeking asylum.

    • You sound ignorant, educate yourself, stop listening to the regurgitations coming out of the blivet in the White House.

    • Many came to apply, legally, for asylum, but the Trump administration declared them illegal entrants.

    • This post definitely wins the “How many Fox News cliches can you cram into one paragraph” award. Impressive.

    • Amen to that, its not our responsibility to bail out other countries and their problems, let’s get the politicians and lawmakers to wake up and focus on the things that really matter.

  5. Cora, you offer an opinion based on ignorance and fear. Please do yourself, and humanity a favor, look beyond the monsterous republican reatoric and look to the gift of The United States of America and it’s constitution so you understand what makes this country strong. Good luck and much love to a fellow American.

  6. We need to have more marches about treason, and his businesses, what he is doing to our country. Those republicans are just as guilty as he is.the interpreter should not have a choice. They should have to testify.