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The Belmont debuts as Capitol Hill wine bar transforms to add cocktails to the mix

A quick change at E Pike and Belmont (Image: The Belmont)

The revolution is over. It’s time for a cocktail.

Owner Mark Brown tells CHS that the closing of his Capitol Hill wine lounge and bottle shop Revolution Wine is also the opening for a project with a new twist.

The Belmont opens Thursday night as “a wine and cocktail lounge inspired by the eccentric London social clubs like The Groucho, Soho House and Blacks Club.”

“We want to create an adult hangout spot on Capitol Hill, a comfortable space to meet with light fare, an excellent wine program, and well-made craft cocktails,” Brown writes.

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The wine shop and lounge — at E Pike and Belmont, naturally — has new decor and new offerings including craft cocktails and an expanded food menu of rotating tapas with a focus on “delicious small plates to accompany wine.” They’re also adding a “substantial” happy hour from 5 to 7 PM and plan to add live jazz on Thursday nights.

“We started as a wine store and wine bar combination, but over the two and a half years we’ve been open our bar area has grown in popularity especially with the addition of craft cocktails,” Brown says.

The Belmont’s neighbor is also set to open and help revive the cocktail scene on this block of E Pike. East Trading Co. will soon bring its Chinese and Korean street food bar offerings to the former Sun Liquor distillery space.

Meanwhile, there’s a new wine-focused venture coming to Capitol Hill after summer on E Madison as Footprint Wines is hoping to bring wines on tap to the neighborhood’s drinking masses.

The Belmont is located at 518 E Pike. It is open Tuesdays through Thursdays 5 to 10 PM, and 5 PM to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. You can learn more at

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6 thoughts on “The Belmont debuts as Capitol Hill wine bar transforms to add cocktails to the mix

  1. Are they kidding with the “British colonial feel” and the “Hong Kong opium den” aesthetic? Romanticizing the history of white supremacy isn’t something I want to do over a cocktail. This project seems just as clueless as the “Plantation” store just a few steps away.

  2. Brian Cho is right. We should boycott these businesses. I for one am triggered by any form of history, which is never as enlightened or liberated as our glorious present. I’ll take my money elsewhere — to a restaurant that makes me feel safe and morally self-congratulatory, like the Cheesecake Factory.

    • Your privileged sarcasm is so rich. No surprise a basic like you would eat at Cheesecake Factory. Fact is, people do boycott these businesses. I walk by Plantation every day and rarely see customers inside. The Revolution Wine bar and Sun Liquors weren’t all that different from this bougie enterprise, and they failed as well.

      • You’re right on all counts. I’m floored by your cogent critique of privilege and your expert grasp of sarcasm. I’ve been outwitted, and am ashamed.

  3. I do find “Opium Den” a bit disturbing and morbid, given the amount of opioid and heroin pain that surrounds us. I’m sure they don’t want to be thought of as a “safe consumption site or maybe they do?