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The great CHS Capitol Hill rabbit count of 2018

It is tempting to believe we will be alive to witness the apocalypse but we’re probably not that lucky. Still, there sure seems to be a lot of rabbits on Capitol Hill this early summer. We’ll leave the why of it to Pikes/Pines. But CHS is not wrong, right? There are suddenly more rabbits on Capitol Hill, yes?

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11 thoughts on “The great CHS Capitol Hill rabbit count of 2018

  1. I would like to request several additional articles starting off with your awesomely gloomy: “It is tempting to believe we will be alive to witness the apocalypse but we’re probably not that lucky.”

    Now time to reread Watership Down.

  2. Oh no bunnypocalypse! I saw a baby rabbit in my yard yesterday morning, just nibbling away at blackberry leaves. Also this year I’ve seen way more Monarch butterflies and dragonflies than I’ve seen in years.

  3. I have not seen one rabbit (besides my pet) in 2 decades on the hill UNTIL this spring. Why are they here now? Less pesticides on lawns? Kicked out of some other hood?

  4. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Been dogging bunnies for a few weeks now on my way to work. One morning, if I recall right I clearly saw and identified at least 5 and saw a few more disappearing blurs that were probably more….

    Fortunately I have not had to bunny-hop any of them….

  5. I have seen several rabbits in the CD recently, there seem to be a couple living on the street by Pratt Park. Literally–chilling on the pavement under parked cars where dogs can smell them from the sidewalk but not get at them. And a few further south, around the big green space of Sam Smith Park by the I-90 lid. All smallish brown rabbits which I haven’t seen in my previous decade in the city.

  6. Not Capitol Hill or the CD or even Seattle, but I can tell you that I was very surprised to see a rabbit in the middle of the concrete miniature golf course at the Family Fun Center in Tukwila last week. Bunnies are taking over!

  7. We’ve lived in our house near Volunteer Park for almost 50 years and NEVER saw a wild rabbit in our yard until about a month ago when a small rabbit took up residence. Nibbles is now happily living under our deck and munching our grass. It’s the damnedest thing!

  8. I’ve spent way too much time the past few weeks reading about rabbits of Western Washington. Yes, I’m viewing them everywhere all of a sudden, but a couple living under the construction trailers at 14th & E Remington Ct don’t look like the others I’ve seen on the hill. I believe they are actually Hares and perhaps hitched a ride from the mountains or East side on one of the tractor trailers bringing in building supplies.
    If you want to read about them:
    Also PAWS:
    But, I still don’t know why they are here now!

  9. I saw one the other day and couldn’t believe it. It was the first time I’ve seen one in the 20-plus years I’ve lived here. It made my day.

  10. I haven’t seen any Capitol Hill this year, but I’ve noticed a lot more at the UW campus. I wonder what’s going on…