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A John in the Morning cafe? Two first families of Seattle independent music team up for E Pike restaurant project

The future Pike Flats will also be home to a new restaurant project from Seattle music luminaries

It’s a Capitol Hill Block Party-worthy plan. A  project involving two Seattle music super couples will create a new restaurant — but not a new music venue — in the under construction Pike Flats at the corner of Pike and Harvard.

“It’s a project we’ve dreamed about and the stars aligned,” Steven Severin tells CHS. “It’s going to be so dope.”

Severin and Leigh Sims are the Neumos couple in the mix. According to state corporation records, the duo have formed a company with Seattle’s first family of independent radio, Amy and John Richards. Yup — John in the Morning of KEXP.

Amy is likely the foodie in the equation with past plans for a juice cafe. She and John are vegan — we’re going to guess that the new place will be, too. The couple also operate a company together offering musical programming services.

Details beyond that are slim. The Pike Flats building is currently under construction at the corner where 95 Slide used to stand where it will create 26,000 square feet of residential space in a seven-story building. At around 90 units, the average living space will be a tidy 288 square feet. Comparatively, the restaurant is slated to weigh in around 2,200 square feet.

The building from developers Tyler Carr and Kelten Johnson will eventually have a huge mural and the new restaurant will join a block now home to theRedhook Brewlab and Salt and Straw’sCapitol Hill outpostSkidmore Janette is the architect.

Severin says they don’t expect to open the new project until next year. And, plenty more secrets remain including what the new restaurant will be called. Given the people involved, we’re going to assume it will probably rock.

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12 thoughts on “A John in the Morning cafe? Two first families of Seattle independent music team up for E Pike restaurant project

  1. A “tidy 288 square feet”?! Either honestly say “tiny” instead of the marketing speak of “tidy” or just say “288 square feet”. Otherwise this is like a brochure for the developer and you may as well also use the classics “charming” or “cozy”.

  2. Apparently residents in their tidy spaces will all take their meals in the expensive mess hall on the ground floor. Sliders for breakfast, anyone?

    • They’ll have plenty of room to plug in their cellphones to charge, and then order *everything* on Über Eats. I would say, “then go back to shopping for everything on Amazon”, but there won’t be anywhere to put anything they buy when it arrives (in, like, 2 hours); so that’s out.

    • I agree! I’ve been wanting some vegan options in the neighborhood for awhile now! I just hope it is good, simple, affordable food. Nothing too fancy.

    • It’s more like renting a room in an upscale residence hotel, but without furniture and with a year’s lease…

  3. Everything about this is so hip. And we get another absolutely gorgeous blow-your-brains-out-in-winter gray box building with no setbacks full of i-brained drones.

  4. I really don’t understand all the negative posts…288 square feet is great by world standards and we need a LOT of housing on the hill. Not everybody needs a 3 bed/2 bath house to feel successful…or $2599 monthly rent payments for a one bedroom that overlooks a busy street.