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Activist teaming up with performer for planned Capitol Hill vegan coffee shop

CHS has news of yet another vegan food+drink project coming to Capitol Hill. What this one is missing in specifics, it makes up for in character and radical sociopolitics.

“It’s about more than just ethics. A lot of people just aren’t aware of their food choices,” Ashton Gearhart tells CHS.

The vegan activist and Charlie Paws –porn and sex performer — and Gearhart’s roommate — are teaming up on a venture to create a vegan coffee shop on Capitol Hill.

Positivitea and Coffee is a venture still in the crowdfunding stage without a location yet secured but Gearhart says the project is happening — with $10,000 in hoped for crowdfunding or without.

“These are people who love and support me and want to see us succeed,” Gearhart says of the early givers. The duo also is hoping for support from Paws’s fans. Mixed into their NSFW tweets about available sex vids, Charlie is also looking for backers for the coffee shop plan. “We’re working on opening a queer inclusive vegan cafe in capitol hill! My porn isn’t going anywhere, this will just be an additional stepping stone to bigger n better!,” the performer writes.

Why might you support the effort. They’re still working on “special benefits and gifts” for givers but vegan coffee lovers might want to give Gearhart and Paws a boost just to help get the concept built:

Positivitea will be a space with a bright, airy atmosphere that welcomes and includes everyone. We want Positivitea to be a queer friendly space, a space where classism, racism, xenophobia, specisim, and ableism will have no space. We are planning to serve a variety of vegan pastries, salads, sandwiches, coffee and tea to the Capitol Hill area. We are also planning on having items safe for people with allergies and with gluten free options!

Gearhart says the $10,000 would cover about a ten of the cost of opening a new cafe on the Hill right now. Gearhart says the search for a location is still underway but that the Hill is definitely where they want the cafe to live.

“Vegan community seems to like when things are clumped together. Plum, the Highline… there are more and more (vegan) choices on Capitol Hill,” Gearhart said. “And it doesn’t have a vegan coffee shop… yet.”

Gearhart says Capitol Hill’s LGBTQ roots are also important. “It will be nice to make something queer friendly that isn’t a bar.”

You can learn more and support the creation of Positivitea and Coffee here via GoFundMe.

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