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Second pot shop approved by state for E Olive Way

Plans for a new pot shop at 1411 E Olive Way

Its future competitor may have won the race but the in-the-works E Olive Way pot shop related to the Uncle Ike’s chain of stores is also in the game as the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board has approved its license for the winding Capitol Hill street.

The approved license for the venture means the project planned for the former law offices building at 1411 E Olive Way is cleared to join the under construction pot shop from The Reef being built out of the old Amante Pizza building. The Reef won the race in April to become the first retail pot shop licensed by the state for the E Olive Way expansion of available cannabis retail in Seattle.

The approval ends the race to fill two legal pot retail locations available in this stretch of E Olive Way on the western slope of Capitol Hill where a confluence of federal, state, and city regulations resulted in a peculiar land rush. Seattle regulations surrounding pot stores require the minimum distance the stores must maintain from places like parks and libraries be at least 500 feet and dictate that two stores can open near each other, but a third must be at least 1,000 feet away.

Two new marijuana shops will double the total number of legal pot stores on Capitol Hill. Uncle Ike’s is involved a turf tussle on 15th Ave E with Ruckus only across the street.

The coming cannabis rivalry on E Olive Way will also apparently add to Uncle Ike’s battlefronts as it entangles itself in cannabis retail at locations across the city. While the new project on E Olive Way hasn’t been officially announced as an Uncle Ike’s, Ike’s owner Ian Eisenberg paid more than $2 million for the 1411 E Olive Way former law offices next to the Crescent in September 2017. It seems like his bet is nearly ready to pay off.

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7 thoughts on “Second pot shop approved by state for E Olive Way

  1. As someone who smokes heavily, even I have to call out when this is getting stupid.

    I didn’t know that the plan was to get both developments, I thought it was one or the other. Guess we wait and see how it plays out, but god damn, we don’t need that many. It feels like we could’ve used other businesses or just different development, better than 2 shops next to each other (ok not technically next to) like we have on 15th.

    • But if we don’t need that many wouldn’t some of the close-by shops be going out of business? We seem to be able to support limitless coffee shops too, pretty much.

      • Pretty much. It’s not an irreversible process. It opens, it doesn’t make miney, it shutters. Not too complicated.
        PS- bet it won’t.

    • Oh I’m sure there’s enough weed business on the Hill to support both (me included) and competition is good for the consumer.

      Plus it’ll be nice to have one so close.