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SPD investigating after escaped inmate reportedly shot by corrections officer at 8th and Yesler — UPDATE

An escaped King County Jail prisoner was shot by a corrections officer near 8th and Yesler Wednesday morning, according to radio reports.

All information regarding this incident is preliminary. SPD has confirmed it is investigating an “officer involved shooting.”

According to SPD and Seattle Fire radio dispatches, an inmate was reported to have escaped custody from Harborview around 10:15 AM. Minutes later, Seattle Fire and SPD were called to the area of 8th and Yesler after reports of shots fired.

According to emergency radio dispatches, the inmate was being rushed back to Harborview for treatment and Seattle Police had closed the area as they collected evidence at the scene where the corrections officer reportedly opened fire.

No law enforcement officers were reported injured in the incident.

UPDATE: SPD has confirmed the details of the shooting and says the inmate who was allegedly attempting to escape is a suspect charged with first-degree murder and domestic violence in the shooting death of an 18-year-old woman in Kent last week:

The guards chased him, but were not able to capture him. One guard shot the suspect at 8th and Yesler, and jail staff placed him back into custody at that time. The suspect was transported back to Harborview Medical Center and is receiving emergency care for non-life threatening injuries. Seattle Police are on scene and have agreed to conduct the preliminary investigation. King County Jail staff will conduct their own internal, administrative investigation regarding this incident.


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19 thoughts on “SPD investigating after escaped inmate reportedly shot by corrections officer at 8th and Yesler — UPDATE

      • He was an escaped murder suspect… allegedly shot an 18 year old girl in the head and left her to die… would you suggest simply letting him go then? Counting on the officer to be able to run him down?

      • All righty then. Fortunately for you, you are able to live your relatively safe life here because most of us here are more practical than you and prefer to not have murder suspects running loose to do what they wish…

      • Can we please not use “mentally challenged” (by which I presume you mean mentally ill or intellectually disabled) as an insult? Thanks.

        And if the reason why this really just isn’t cool isn’t clear to you, just ask. Again, thanks.

      • “Can we please not use “mentally challenged” (by which I presume you mean mentally ill or intellectually disabled) as an insult? ”

        I agree. Retard works fine.

  1. “only fired bullets into the human a little bit”

    Yeah, just a little. But apparently it was enough to kill her.

  2. Obviously no one wants an alleged murder to escape custody and potentially endanger others, but would you like to have an officer shooting at someone running away if you were, say, i dunno, walking down the street there with your kid? If the suspect was unarmed and didn’t pose an immediate threat to the officer, should the officer be shooting at him? Which is a greater immediate threat to the public? someone discharging a weapon at a moving target on a public street corner, or an escaping suspected violent criminal? In that moment?

    The outcome, that the escapee was not seriously injured, is kind of immaterial. He could just as easily have been shot and killed, or shot and paralyzed. An innocent bystander (mother, father, child, grandparent) could also just as easily have been shot and injured or shot an killed.

    Is this corrections officer, who was unable to safely transport his charge, going to be hailed as some kind of hero?

    • Notice how a “mother, father, child, grandparent” wasn’t “shot and injured or shot an killed.” The corrections officer responded applying the judgement and training that he was trained to use and did so properly, as far as we can tell. Armchair QB all you want with “what-ifs” but at the end of the day the prisoner was captured shortly after he escaped and no bystanders were hurt or worse.

      As for as being hailed a hero, see above, he was just doing the job he was trained to do.

      Finally, could you have picked a more pretentious name there “Morally Conscious in Seattle”

      • Exactly. No doubt the enforcement officer would not have fired if other people were around. How bout we stop second-guessing people who are trained at their job, and stop assuming they’re no more competent than the avg person? I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they are.

    • Even though he was unarmed, he attempted to enter a persons vehicle (thankfully this person was able to drive away), presumably to carjack. So he was an immediate threat to the public.

      This guy was desperate. Who knows what heinous actions may have taken place had he not been stopped.

    • You make a huge number of assumptions there bud…. It would appear that you are already wrong that he wasn’t posing an immediate threat to someone – seeing as he was possibly attempting to car jack someone (who could not have known his weapon status). Anyway – how do you know he was unarmed? Even the officers were unsure he wasn’t…

      Sure – likely he did not have a firearm, but ERs and hospitals in general are crammed with things that can be used as weapons… things that are sharp, hard, dangerous… He could have acquired any number of items there to threaten someone with and those officers had to make a very quick decision about that possibility.

      • You’ve all convinced me, better to have police and corrections officers shooting up the streets like the old west. It worked out so well in Pittsburgh about a week ago.