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Capitol Hill Community Post | New Community Emergency Hub Added to Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Volunteer Park Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Capitol Hill was recently awarded funds by the Seattle City Council and is now an official Community Emergency Hub. An Emergency Hub is a designated location where people in the community can gather after a major disaster to exchange information and resources. Anyone can get involved, but It does consist of a core group of trained volunteers with additional skills who may collect information on local situations, needs and resources as well as assist in the allocation of resources. Hub volunteers also aid the City of Seattle in encouraging neighbors to be individually and collectively prepared for a disaster.

Because Volunteer Park SDA Church is a brand new Community Emergency Hub, they would like to share this information with the community and invite all who are interested to become volunteers and get involved as they begin the growing process. They anticipate hosting future activities, such as training, drills and meetings and will be linking up with other community hubs in Seattle for support. For more information or to get involved, please email

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4 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Community Post | New Community Emergency Hub Added to Capitol Hill Neighborhood

  1. separation of state and church, please. now more than ever! why are our tax dollars funding this when a nearby school would work even better for this situation. shameful. one more way the church steals our tax money.

    • If you have ever lived through a disaster separation of church and state don’t mean a thing. If major disaster happens I sure as hell won’t be the person questioning help. The local school has way to much on their plate to be dealing with this. Maybe you can volunteer!

  2. Agreed, church and state shouldn’t mix to inhibit free thought or practice of belief or non-belief. However, being an information and resource center for a community after a disaster is something that benefits everyone. I wouldn’t care if it’s a school, mosque, church or yoga studio as long as they are helping.