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CHS Pics | Here’s what the third annual Lusio in Volunteer Park looked — and sounded — like

Born in the park three summers ago, the Lusio light and sound event bloomed in Volunteer Park Friday night before fading away — again — until next year.

The annual free night of art and music drew what appeared to be its largest crowd yet. The word interactive gets abused so much that it means nearly the opposite but at Lusio, the term pays off:

Lusio is meant to be playfully experienced in 2-3 hours and is FREE family-friendly, open to all, and for one night only. Be prepared to wander and explore the corners of the park to find the art living under trees and in the gardens. Lusio is fully interactive, family friendly, community driven event so participation is key!

2018 works included S. Clan’s “The Light Harvest” — a “light-harvesting site is home to a field of colored lights, a light processing plant, and a cluster of domestic dwellings” — Trina Cooper’s “Compassion Dilation Machine,” and “Cocoon,” textile lights blooming from beneath Volunteer Park’s trees by Kelly Fleek.

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d reeves
d reeves
3 years ago

So great. Kudos the organizers and artists – it was magical.

Only wish they had shut down the road through the park during the event; car headlights and constant traffic was the only thing to break the mood.

3 years ago
Reply to  d reeves

I also wish they hadn’t shut down the amphitheater bathrooms; the lines for the toilet near the wading pool were ridiculous (especially the ladies’).