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Cinnaholic set to join carnival of Pike/Pine food and drink

(Image: Cinnaholic)

As much as Capitol Hill likes to eat up chains and franchises and spit them out, the businesses have changed to be smaller, nimbler, and — sometimes — more local. A new business lined up to join the carnival of food and drink in Pike/Pine will put the recipe to the test.

“I wanted the help of the franchise,” Maysaa Abouhamze tells CHS. “Being a mom and having other businesses, I just wanted that support.”

By fall, Abouhamze and business partner Trieva Katsandres plan to open a new location of the Cinnaholic chain of cinnamon roll bakeries. It’s a sweet, mostly indulgent treat that will fit in with the circus end of Pike/Pine’s food and drink offerings. And the rolls and many of the special toppings Cinnaholic features just happen to be vegan.

Abouhamze, a Lynnwood resident who also runs an independent day spa business, said a big part of her decision to grow a Cinnaholic shop was that she found something she is happy serving to her own kids. “They want treats. They’re eating and I don’t feel like a horrible mom,” she said.

The coming Cinnaholic location on E Pike next to Capitol Cider and in the middle of the Pike/Pine nightlife strip will also be a prime location for the nightly dinner and party crowds. Late night hours for club goers on the search for sugar are likely.

Cinnaholic will fill a space left empty by the quiet departure earlier this year of the MRoom Finnish hair style venture as that chain hit rough financial times and shuttered locations. Abouhamze said she hopes to be open by October after an overhaul of the shop but permits and contractors need to line up to make that happen. Abouhamze said she was happy to find a space in Capitol Hill’s ultra competitive lease market.

“It was so hard to find space,” she said. “So competitive. I really appreciate this building owner for giving us a chance.”

Cinnaholic Seattle is planned to open this fall at 816 E Pike. You can learn more at

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5 thoughts on “Cinnaholic set to join carnival of Pike/Pine food and drink” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. First, thanks for the MRoom explanation. I was never certain what they were selling. Second, does anyone have any extra willpower? I’m going to need extra.

    • Ha! Not sure about the extra willpower.

      My spouse and I go to Capitol Cider a fair bit because I love that I can eat everything there (it’s dedicated gluten-free). …but I have a feeling he’s going to want to ditch me there and go next-door for a cinnamon roll fix instead.

    • Look at the “nutrition” label on their site. If that doesn’t help, not sure what will. That said, I’m glad there is a vegan version of a Cinnabon and they’re not at all pretending it’s healthy at all, thus the code word “indulgent”. Ironically, very tasty and actually healthy dessert recipes actually exist for those whose palettes aren’t numbed by massive salt, sugar and fat (but would cost more as they aren’t all processed like these). And yes, I know your question was rhetorical. I like answering rhetorical questions sometimes.

  2. Google search says a vegan cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic will set you back $6–eat your heart out, General Porpoise!