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Puget Sound Clean Air Agency: Seattle finally set for a smoke break

This just in from Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and King County/Seattle Public Health — we’re about to get a smoke break:

We forecast air pollution levels that are UNHEALTHY for everyone to continue through much of today in the Puget Sound Region. There has been some improvement in the South Puget Sound, but the levels still remain UNHEALTHY for everyone. Lingering smoke over the Pacific may still impact us through early tomorrow morning, but we expect much less smoke by tomorrow afternoon. Until air quality gets better, stay indoors with windows closed, if you can find somewhere cool. Check the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency website for updated forecasts as conditions change.

The area has been under air health alerts since last week with grey, smoky skies forcing many to spend their August days indoors and others to brave the conditions behind face masks.


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2 thoughts on “Puget Sound Clean Air Agency: Seattle finally set for a smoke break

  1. This is so sad and people who are unsheltered can’t stay indoors with the windows closed. They have no windows. People need to have shelter and the mayor is doing more homeless sweeps instead of spending that money on services. Nor do I see the city distributing NIOSH certified particulate matter masks to the homeless (N95 or R95). Frightening.